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sony 4k cinema prototypes

Sony have revealed two very early prototype cameras at NAB. They are hybrid stills / video cameras from the pro A/V division in Japan. One is a DSLR style camera with what looks like a PL mount. Sony is also committed to developing a range of full frame cinema prime lenses.

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The Panasonic GH3 was a big update over the legendary GH2 and I am putting the final touches to my review (and a lot of other future material). I’ve been shooting a lot with it alongside by cinema cameras, the FS100 and Blackmagic Cinema camera. Where are the Panasonic pro cameras? Well the GH3 is $1300 and that leaves quite a large space above it for a high spec ‘DSLR-type’ camera from Panasonic. I’m getting more and more clues and info as to a possible high end GH camera, and if true this would be a dream for indie filmmakers and a brilliant move by Panasonic.

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Switronix TorchLED BOLT LED light

See the full specs of the Switronix TorchLED BOLT and accessories here

LEDs are in my opinion the future of cinema lighting. Until now though I’ve not been too satisfied with the throw of light they produce. Too short, too directional and the character of the light isn’t the most flattering. The BOLT has been designed with input from filmmakers and contains two sets of LEDs of different temperatures and you can mix the temperatures.

What’s it like?

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D5200 ProRes test

In the early days of DSLR video the codec was probably the weakest part of the camera. With the advent of uncompressed HDMI out – the codec is no longer a weak point but sensor sampling becomes an Achilles Heel.

Can the Nikon D5200 benefit from a hike in image quality from using an external recorder?

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Let’s pit the $700 Nikon D5200 against the $3000 Canon 5D Mark III and see which one comes out alive.

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