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Nikon D5200 anamorphic test

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    • By Rick Moonbeam Darge
      Selling my Iscorama Pre-36 beauty with the original taking lens! I bought this for a feature film back in 2014 and paid way more than my asking price. Used only indoors for 7 solid days. Upon completion the lens went back into the pelican where it was stored in my studio for the past 3 years. I've held onto it for sentimentality and because it's gorgeous but now it's time to say goodbye. No scratches. Very clean glass. No fungus. The usual internal dust inside the elements as one would expect from a lens that's from the late 1960s. Some mild oxidation on the physical barrel that bars no effect on image quality.
      I really love this lens and I'm sad to see it go but hopefully it will find a better home with more usage. I'm located in Los Angeles, California but will ship worldwide upon payment. 
      ASKING $4,250 
      Also included in this sale; 
      • SLR Magic 77 MC Achromatic Diopter +0.33
      • SLR Magic 77 MC Achromatic Diopter +1.3 
      • (3) 72mm FUJIMI CLOSE FILTERS - +1, +2, +4 
      • Pelican 1200 Carrying Case 
      SIDE VIEW_2
    • By Francisco Rios
      I 'll be in Berlin shooting until 18 September,  then I will go to Koln . I will go back to Chile on 25 from BERLIN.
      So anybody want to buy these beauty piece of glass here in Berlin let me know...
      1.000.- euros with adapters and caps included
      [email protected]
      At least I check my mails and iPhone twice a day (for sure at night)
      best. GRUSSE

    • By AumenBrothers
      Let me know if you have one you're willing to part with, and how much you'd like for it!
    • By keessie65
      For sale, my KOWA C35, 1.5x anamorpic lens. It's a premium lens and really sharp. See my other posts. Reason for selling? I bought an almost new Bolex 16/32/1.5x and paired with the HCDNA, perfect for me. But I need a new backpack for my combi for holiday, fieldmonitor, rig etc. Startprice at Ebay tomorrow will be € 800,-, and up. Here at the forum with paypal and address where a package will arrive, buy now at € 990,- It's a great lens, the only issue is a small separation in the rear lens, see pictures. But you don't see that when you look straight in the lens. See pictures.

    • By Teemu
      I would like to share my work done with GH5 + FM Lens (Kowa inside) and russian taking lenses. Musicvideo is still under work but here is promo clip for upcoming video. Will post it here soon when it's complete.