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  1. This is 8 bit or 10 bit from Atomos? I really like natural skin tones look.
  2. Hi guys , today we did quick test  with Nikon D5200 , Samyang 85mm f/1.4 and Carl Zeiss Anamorphot 63x2 . Unfortunately after few minutes  we had some issue with SD card . https://vimeo.com/59931000
  3. Excellent to hear about the HDMI I recently bought a D5200 a few days ago and I love it  . Now I really want to buy this recorder  but when 1080p material is captured it's a 25p  or 30p? What about 720p 50p ?
  4. Hi  , it's impossible to change the aperture while in video mode , and the d5200 have strange horizontal noise pattern  in the shadow areas, and it seems at all ISO's .
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