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  1. More love for the Sony A6500?

    incredible !!!!
  2. Web Delivery or: How I Hate YouTube

    are you sure you are using the right compression settings ? I have the exact opposite experience with youtube vs vimeo vimeo's terrible buffering is my only issue with the platform. The image quality is better than youtube though. I cant wait til vp9 becomes a widely supported format to help use get better quality compression
  3. More love for the Sony A6500?

    I just bought one & will be doing lots of testing with it. Even though there are clear benefits to 4:2:2 10bit there are a heap of other factors that influence the output. 8 bit 4:2:0 is not that bad and in most cases the difference between the two are imperceptible. I hope I can help debunk this 4:2:0 8 bit myth before someone reading this forum goes crazy and starts thinking all their cameras with that output are now completely garbage LOL Dude your shot selection is incredible ! You did a great job at picking shots that really sell the feel of the song and hides the cameras defects. I was on the lookout for this atrocious RS everyone is talking about with movement in the frame but you did a good job at keeping it under control. I primarily shoot handheld so this gave me hope
  4. More love for the Sony A6500?

    Would love to see it when its out ! Those stills look dope !
  5. Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5...?

  6. Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5...?

    @Arikhan valid point ! Im sticking to my 4k 8bit 4:2:0 to 10bit 4:4:4. I will not for a second deny the clear advantages gh5 has in 10bit 422 but I understand both cameras are processing a 14 bit raw image and stripping it down to a 4:2:0 8bit image or 10bit. If you get as close to the final image as possible in camera the advantages of a 10bit 422 source file for general post processing start to become less and less relevant. The quality of the sensor ultimately trumps the quality of the output files (which are great on both sony and panasonic to begin with) and downscaling from a bigger 6k sensor to a 4k file seems like a huge advantage to me When I used to shoot with the xc10 I got some seriously high bitrate 422 files but the sensor performance discarded that advantage. There are things in the processing pipeline that are arguably more important to the final image than the file or "negative" the camera produces if you shoot and expose with the limitations of the codec in mind. All intra at 400mbps might as well be IPB at 200mbps which is still very good but add 10 bits in there and thats even more data the camera needs to assign per stop of brightness. Combine that with LOG recording and you have even less mbps to dedicate to each stop of brightness. The next great update we need to see is raw recording to see the big IQ advantage people are praying for
  7. Lenses

    You're going to be blown away when you see how the skin tones render with the warm black pro mist
  8. Good cinematic examples using Sony A7S/A7R

    Thank you ! Every shot was handheld ! I have really steady hands but the vertical grip was essential to me in terms of ergonomics. I sold my a7s because of the blue channel clipping with artificial lights in concerts/clubs & neon signs. I was told a cure for this was to shoot at a very warm color temperature but it was a deal breaker for me (at the time). I am considering getting an a7sii or a6500 because the low light performance is valuable to me for shooting in NY at night. As far as the in camera sharpness is concerned there are ways to tame if by using diffusion and -7 detail settings. I hope this helps, the a7s is really versatile. I would avoid the a7r though
  9. Good cinematic examples using Sony A7S/A7R

  10. Lenses

    Some still images I shot in francisco with the Lumix 20mm f1.7 ii w/ tiffen black satin 2 filter
  11. Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5...?

    @Arikhan yeah dude I may take a gamble with the sony a6500 as a second camera instead of only owning the gh5. I agree no one will ever complain about 4.2.0 8 bit. I do a lot of color grading and haven't experienced any crazy artifacts with the sony a7s, or rx10ii so im confident I will be able to get some good footage out of the a6500
  12. Sony A6500 or Panasonic GH5...?

    Im starting too come to grips with that as well. I wanted to upgrade to a sony a6500 or panasonic gh5 from my Panasonic G80 but honestly I may end up keeping the G80 and get the a6500 as well. One for the full frame look with speedbooster and the other for a super 35mm look with speedbooster. Im finding it hard to believe that my clients will notice the difference between 8bit and 10bit 422 when they've been going crazy over my 4:2:0 8bit footage for years. Maybe if I worked on some crazy netflix production but then again...people have been getting away with canon 5d mark iii footage on the big screen
  13. Lenses

    @Matt Kieley I never ever stack filters ! I would recommend you avoid mixing diffusion by stacking filters. I prefer the warm black pro mist in lighter grades (1/4 & 1/8) for my personal work because I don't mind the highlight blooming. I only use the satin and black satin filters when I want a more "invisible" unobtrusive look to the diffusion.
  14. Lenses

    Yeah if you expose right with this thing its incredible !
  15. Lenses

    Lumix 20mm f1.7 ii w/ tiffen black satin 2