One step closer to WWIII – Throwback to my Taiwan footage and experience living there

This blog began 12 years ago in Taiwan, 2010. I was living there and had just got the Panasonic GH1 from the local family run dealer on a street I called “Camera Avenue” because it had about 40 camera stores all independently run and all in one place in downtown Taipei. Learning about the fascinating history of the island from my girlfriend and her father, who served in the military under the rule Chiang Kai-shek, I shot the four pieces you see on this page. Make sure you have the sound on.

Had Chiang Kai-shek won the civil war in China, modern-day history would look very different. There would be no communist party of China.

A delicate truce exists today and close economic ties between the two warring sides. Taiwan is a flourishing democracy with one of the major parties wanting closer ties to Beijing and the other fiercely independent and rejecting any overtures to be assimilated into a communist system.

Taiwan is also an economic powerhouse vital to the world’s semiconductors industry. Home to companies such as AMD, Foxconn, Asus and TSMC, with numerous manufacturing facilities including ones owned by Canon and Sony. The island also has a thriving filmmaking scene.

What could possibly go wrong?

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South Korea versus Japan. Samsung NX10 scores in the camera World Cup

I have been experimenting with a different camera lately, the Samsung NX10.

This is South Korea’s effort against the Japanese monopoly of Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic. Samsung have always been viewed as the underdog but now I think they are more of a dark horse.

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Isco Centavision Part 3 – Frontline Sanctuary


Here is my footage shot with the Isco Centavision anamorphic lens (link for iPad)

When I first used a 2.35:1 anamorphic conversion lens on the GH1 I thought 16:9 was dead. It looks more cinematic, without doubt. Anamorphic lenses are cinema on a stick.

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Land’s End – The Gingshang 600 – A GH1 Short


Thought I’d do a Bob Dylan video!

Philip Bloom recently shot a short near the coast with the latest Panasonic broadcast camera – the HPX370. To see how the humble GH1 compares on a similar shoot I went along to see the north coast of Taiwan at Gingshang taking along my GH1 and simply the kit lens.

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Rivers – A New GH1 Short


I’ve always had a thing for how skies slowly change.

When I was young, my father used to take me out for bike rides. We’d ride the same paths and see the same sights every time. Our bike ride route seemed like something unique to us, that nobody else could imitate. Now as adults, people pound the same old roads and pavements every day and its clear their paths aren’t unique, and the roads don’t belong to them (unless you drive a 4×4 Audi). I remember looking at the clouds with my dad and feeling incredibly sentimental as it changed, and as clouds formed and separated. As you can see, sentimentality seems to be the order of the day in terms of this blog!

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