Sigma Fp Review (Part 1) – Cinema DNG RAW internal recording!

There were two highlights of IBC 2019 for me. The Sigma Fp, and the Z-CAM range. From the ground-up the Sigma Fp seems to be aimed at us, at artists. A small and incredibly light camera that hits the big full frame notes, some of the niche features like the digital director’s viewfinder are unheard of in consumer full frame cameras from major manufacturers.

This is clever and will get the camera a lot of use by top-flight talent. Most exciting for me is the focus on the video recording features – which are big step for Sigma and indeed push the boundaries of what we expect from a “prosumer” camera.

  • Cinema DNG RAW 4K 12bit to USB C SSD media
  • Internal 1080p 12bit internal RAW Cinema DNG uncompressed
  • Internal 4K RAW uncompressed (bit-depth drops to 8bit at the moment)

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