‘New’ Canon SL1 / 100D and T5i / 700D fail to excite

The Canon 700D / T5i is more a firmware update than a new camera. Indeed the only new feature in the hardware is that the mode dial now turns 360 degrees. If you are wondering whether to upgrade from your 60D or 650D, the answer may well come down to whether you find a use for that 360 degrees mode dial. You can now go from the M mode on the dial to Scene mode in just one click! Amazing I know.

Though cute  the new entry level 100D (above) offers a 25% reduction in size at the expense of handling and no articulated screen. There’s seemingly no new functionality on this camera either in video mode, not even for stills! Owners of the 4 year old 550D from 2009 could be forgiven for not rushing to upgrade.

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