The EOSHD Panasonic GH6 Shooter’s Guide (Pre-order)


The first new EOSHD guide since the Panasonic GH4, and comprehensive follow up to a popular series which began with the EOSHD Panasonic GH2 Shooter’s Guide in 2012. The book will reveal everything you need to know about using the Panasonic GH6 for cinema and videography.

And maybe a few surprises as well!

As a pre-order customer you will help EOSHD recover from a serious family tragedy and get back on track. I will also give credit to pre-order customers in a special section of the book as a thank you for making this work happen.

If you would prefer just to make a donation (any amount helps) you can do so here through the EOSHD donations page.

10% of the pre-order funds will go towards St Luke’s Cancer Charity. If you have a message for EOSHD during this difficult time for my family, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

– Andrew Reid