Hackers inject Mac virus into Handbrake Video Encoder

If you recently downloaded Handbrake Video Encoder, you should check your Mac immediately for viruses and malware.

In the latest episode of 2017, apocalypse edition, hackers were able to breach download servers for popular Mac software such as Handbrake Video Encoder. This app was replaced by an identical version but for the presence of a malicious virus embedded in the source code.

Between 2nd May and 6th May, Handbreak Video Converter was infected with malicious code even when downloaded from the official sources.

Therefore those who downloaded the app between these dates should check your Mac immediately for the OSX.Proton virus. To do this use the app Malwarebytes available here.

It’s recommend that you use caution over which copy of Handbrake you use until this blows over and delete any prior downloads made after 2nd May from your machine unless you can verify they’re not infected. The method for doing so can be found here, with more information on the matter to be found here.