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Adobe stopping Nikon N-RAW support

Andrew Reid

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I really think Redraw is coming or at least a varient of it. I get market segmentation but Nikon already displayed its willingness to put internal RAW in their cameras with no caveats. REDraw is coming to Nikon mirrorless. 

I don't think this will kill sales for any of the "RED" cameras. They are made for a traditional on set workflow. No one is going to want to use a Z8 with HDMI on a large production unless its a crash cam. 

Plus the RED Komodo is priced the same as the Nikon Z9 to begin with. It's not like its ARRI where they don't sell any cameras lower than 50,000 usd. 

RED never had the capacity to put out a mirrorless body and compete with the likes of Nikon or Canon, now they don't need to. 

We shall see soon enough. 

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