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Quantum Dot Sensors Imminent


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Interesting. Weird video though, that iPhone 6 footage is bullshit.

The question is if it will work (and bring benefits) for large sensors? Seems like they are working on small cellphone sensors - like most new technologies.

A few years ago BSI technology was the next big promise. Since 2009 it has been implemented in consumer products. It does have advantages for (very) small sensors, not so much on bigger ones. The Samsung NX1 sensor is the only BSI aps-c cmos, good sensor, but not a clear advantage over non-BSI chips. Same goes for the 1-inch Sony 20 MP Exmor R sensor (BSI), it performs pretty much exactly the same as the previous 20MP Exmor (non-BSI).

Maybe those quantum dots will scale better to bigger sensors, no idea, but expect development/production in small sensors only the coming years.

The website also shows the focus: "QuantumFilm provides thinner phones" ( http://www.invisage.com/technology/ )



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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

They do seem to be mentioning high end photography and ''feature film industry'' though. I am intrigued but again, doubtful  until I see proof with proper tests. 

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