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WOW ! UPDATE SPEED BOOSTER BMPCC TO -> MFT on GH4 with lens control and stabilization :P


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Hmm, does the BMPCC speedbooster expand the crop more than the regular MFT speedbooster? If so, I'd be interested to see some footage :o

Otherwise, it does seem a little risky with the shutter contact and all. But hey! If it works for you, that's great!

​Its a higher reduction than the regular one.  o.58 instead of 0.71.

But as can be seen here on the table half way down the page, http://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_SPEF-BMPCC-BM1

It warns that it may cause physical damage if mounted to a normal micro four thirds camera.

The bmc speed booster on the otther hand (at 0.64) aparently wont damage but has a smaller image circle.  So full frame will vignette, but 4k crop will probably not.

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I have the BMCC (.64x) booster for my GH4. The back of the booster does indeed press against the shutter housing. If you use the mechanical shutter it will make a very ugly "oh god, I just ruined my camera"-type noise, from the housing being flexed into the path of the shutter. Turn on e-shutter and silent mode and you won't have to worry about this happening, but you do lose sound on clip playback, and any beeps you may have enabled.

The main thing to consider is that the BlackMagic cameras have a much thinner filter stack on top of their sensors than normal m4/3 cameras. The BMCC and BMPCC boosters are designed for this, and this makes them perform poorly on normal m4/3 cameras when used with lenses set to large apertures (~f2 or faster). This won't be an issue for me as I'll just be using slower (f2.8 or slower) wide lenses with the BMCC booster; my fast glass is Minolta MD/MC mount and I'll be getting an MD/MC booster eventually for that.

I believe I read somewhere that the BMPCC booster will either vignette or go super soft at the edges when you use the GH4's 1080 modes (full sensor width). This alone took it out of consideration for me, as I use 1080p more than the 4K mode.

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Be careful guys.

Looks like the firmware has an error, where they forgot the lock.

The reason it isn't meant to work with the GH4 is because it can get physically stuck on the mount as happened with mine.

The images are lovely, I shot this with the BMCC speed booster glass in the EF adapter...

But there's another problem... often the focus is slanted so one half of your frame could be blurry, so bear that in mind at wide angle shooting a large flat subject frame-to-frame or landscape at infinity especially at wide angle like with the Tokina 11-16mm F2.8... that lens is a good way to test for the issue.

If the adapter gets stuck on your GH4 mount you're looking at breaking the GH4 just to remove the adapter and it can damage the pins for AF.

But if you're a brave one, enjoy!

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thanx for reply, but i want to explain some points.




1) no electrical damage to eos lens or gh4. the mainboard is the SAME as MFT only the right firmware make difference (poor selling politic)
2) the adapter is mine, no one have gifted to me ;) then I risk my money.
3) infinity focus issues of nikon g are null in eos mount, my test is sharp as a razor EDGE TO EDGE.
4) re-enabled external usb power supply and manual lens control from left lever-stick
5) from my experience SIGMA 10-20 f4 - TOKINA 11 - 16 II 2.8 - SIGMA 18-35 art 1.8 - TAMRON 150 - 600 f5 all OK! and NO vignetting. and sharper.
6) 0.58x X 2.3 make gh4 in 4k dci 1,33 crop camera and 1.1 UHD or photo mode :)
7) more resolution with anamorphic adapters (close the iris + focal reducer)
8) Eavy duty lens like TAMRON 150-600 (2.0Kg) handeld stabilized, and no damage to sensor and also will be a 150 - 600 2.9 ! sigma sport alternative :)
9) teorical future upgrade of EOS to MFT with AUTOFOCUS wil be compatible but i'm not sure for now this is THE ONLY MODIFIED ADAPTER IN THE WORLD, and i'm so happy with this that i'll never try a downgrade to original BMPCC firmware ;)

10) but can be only my suggestion all lens transform in parfocal or very similar (due the big focal reduction)

P.S. dont say to metabones of the lock exploit ! and sorry for my english.







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Hi geppoitaly! I'm very interested in using the bmpcc speed booster on a GH4. The only thing holding me back is, I don't know much the performance suffers at f stops wider than f1.4. People like aldolega earlier in this thread talk in general terms about how this speed booster is designed for a thinner filter stack than what the GH4 has and so performs "poorly" at these wide apertures, but so far I haven't found anyone on any of the forums who discusses this wide aperture issue in detail or provides test footage. Just how much does the performance suffer? Is it an obvious difference? Perhaps it is only really noticeable when looking at big enlargements, but not video footage at normal viewing distances? Getting rid of the extra 4K crop while also getting s35 depth of field AND gaining a full 1 2/3 stops of light is very appealing indeed to me, but not if I get an obviously much softer video image at the big apertures I would want to be using a lot.

So please geppoitaly, or anyone else reading this thread, if you have used this speed booster at f2 or f1.4, how much of a difference did you notice? Did it bother you enough that you wouldn't recommend using fast lenses wide open for video? Above all, does anyone have some comparison footage shot at big vs small apertures? It's killing me not being able to get this information!

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hi psoetio, i ve noticed that less than f1.8 make a very tiny glow effect on highlights , that i like and after some CC, seems more natural. i use speedb. for limiting crop factor, and not only for aperture, but i can say surely that speedb increase resolution of full frame lens, on gh4 sensor. the weird thing is that some aps-c lens can be fully reduced on gh4 without vignetting like my sigma 10-20, but have some minor cromatic aberrations on higlight that isn't presents on standarg MFT speed booster, but not for quality of adapter, but for image circle of the lens. the tokina have more fringe also on standard MFT. i can say that tamron 150-600 is "WONDERFULL" sharp with bmpcc speed booster MOOORE than canon 100-400L II IS. i've the MFT adapter, MFT speed booster, and bmcc speed booster for eos lens, and all are sharp. the DOF not increment with speed booster, but image is more luminous, less rumor for less ISO.

with the sigma 18-35 at f1.0 glow is very very very low, the only 1.4 lens that i have are ZEISS 50MM AND 85MM that are contax, and i will modify for use with bmpcc sb, but for me is better use BMPCC to reduce that use a native f 0.95 len. all the 0.95 wide opn are poor in detail with moooooore frince than a 1.8 reduced. ask to andrew ;)


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Thanks for the information. Have you tried a 17-50mm f2.8 zoom wide open? I am especially interested in using one of those with the speed booster if it is sharp at f2.8, since that way I'd have one very fast lens (f1.6 approx.) that I could use for almost all situations. Then I could add some f1.4 primes for very low light or very shallow depth of field.

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Why risk damaging your camera when you can get the Metabones Speedbooster XL?

because in 4k mode the 0.58x speed booster gives almost half a stop more light and quite a lot more fov for the same lens.  in 4k mode the sensor crop is about the same size as the bmpcc sensor.  There's only a risk to those who use it without the shutter disabled in silent mode.  on paper and if the performance is similar to that from the 0.58x unit when used on the bmpcc.  the gain would be pretty great and the risk is minimal if care is adhered to.  

 Hell, if I had a gh4 and the sb 0.58x unit I;d probably have pulled the shutter leafs out of the camera already!  

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performance will take a hit but not enough to warrant disregarding the fact that the system provides a half a stop advantage in speed and quite a difference in fov.  with the extra 1/2 of a stop from the bmpcc one could close down by half a stop and gain a lot more performance than the filter thickness will degrade.  

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