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Canon 5D used in Lucy + the real reason the F65 hasn't been used much


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Great article: https://community.sony.com/sony/attachments/sony/large-sensor-camera-F65/523/2/Lucy_Special_Report.pdf

The Canon 5D (Mark III?) was used in some action shots (would guess RAW but they didn't say). Alexa and Red also used for some shots. The real reason the F65 hasn't been used much before Lucy: it's ugly! The camera body, not the images it produces. Since Luc Besson chose the F65 for Lucy, it's become a lot more popular! Luc operated the camera himself (except steadicam shots), using the Fujinon Alura 18-80 T2.8 zoom. Cook S4's were used on the second F65 (they bought two for the film). An on-camera ring light was used for most of the shots. F&V makes a nice one for $199: http://www.fvlighting.com/118150010201.html.

It looks like the top camera for color and skin tones may now be the F65. If Sony puts their next top-of-the-line camera in a prettier body (along with a 4:3 sensor to allow shooting anamorphic without cropping), ARRI will have some competition!

If history is an indicator, this technology will trickle down to consumer cameras in the future.

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Interesting article.

I think the size is the big factor, plus the dominance of Alexa when it came out.

Most DPs I know wouldn't care if the camera looked like susan boyle's head, as long as it gave a good image and was usable. Kit out any of these cameras for a big production and you can barely see the camera anyway.

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This is what i got its cheap batterie life is about 4-5 hours i just cut out a yellow gel to fit between the magnet diffuser

but warning the light is very bright and can hurt the eyes of your talents so start with minimum and go from there



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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

To this day at January 2015 in our largest blockbuster productions in the middle east, when they want a small camera the Canon 5D is recommended and used by EVERYBODY. That's what reputation does to products. 

Lovely read about the lighting. Ring LED? strange but interesting

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I'm interested in the LED ring lights.

They had them specially made for Lucy. Wireless dimmer switch :)

Do any exist with dual temperature LEDs and plain old non-wireless dimmers?

With LED bulbs being harsh for the subject to look at,

​I'm hoping some manufacturer will offer a one foot diameter remote phosphor ring light with interchangeable panels for tungsten and daylight output.

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Product Design & Looks

Regarding products not doing well because of looks, when looks don't effect the product's performance: Steve Jobs was so into perceived quality that he made sure that even the circuit boards were elegantly designed. While later his obsession with perfection became costly, it's clear that things that look good sell better: Apple has dominated product design and sales for some time.

Regarding the look of cameras- it's human nature to be attracted to beauty. Perhaps it should be no surprise that the ARRI Alexa has dominated at the high end- sexy name and attractive camera design (and very easy to use). Sony is notoriously bad at software design, user interface design, and camera usability. However, their technology is many times the best in the industry. If Sony added cognitive engineering to it's engineering staff and also hired top product designers (for style and emotion), their products would do much better. Apple isn't perfect- sometimes they dumb down designs too far; Sony and other manufacturers could compete much better by understanding what Apple does right & wrong and take the good but skip the bad. Blindly copying designs is a bad idea for many reasons (and costly re: Samsung). For high-end cameras, ARRI has found a good balance. What's more appealing, emotionally, F65 or Alexa? Even tech nerd DPs/directors are influenced by art and emotion. Good to see Luc & team focused on image quality: Lucy looks great (and so does Oblivion). Anyone notice: Lucy = Luc + y?

Bicolor LED Lights

Found this but does not appear available for sale: http://www.newsshooter.com/2011/08/25/birtv-2011-brightcast-bi-colour-led-battery-powered-ringlight/.
This looks decent (Hong Kong): http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Menik-LH-600A-36W-600pcs-Bi-color-Macro-LED-Ring-Flash-Bi-color-light-with-Flash/905451_2038189427.html

Note that bicolor LEDs have about 1/2 the light of single color LEDs. So a 600 LED bicolor has about the same light output as a 300 LED single color (most designs don't run both LEDs at max (blend between them)).

Advantages of Ring Lights

LED ring lights/flashes have been very popular for years in still photography. They create a nice eye light reflection, and help produce shots with minimized shadows. I picked up the F&V R300 a while ago: have been using it as a general purpose light but not on camera yet. Thinking about the physics of photons originating near the lens, it makes sense that shadows will be greatly reduced, especially if the ring light is the dominant light (will test this shortly). When used up close, I would expect very little shadows for the face- which is like having near-perfect ambient lighting. I added the F&V 'milk' diffuser: the light is easier to look at. Makes sense Luc used a ring light all the time: very cost effective and simple way to get even lighting for the face.

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