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Sony A77II SLT vs. A7S XAVC-S Comparo


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I own both the A7S and the A77II (which just received XAVC-S in the 2.0 firmware update last week) so I shot a quick comparison today. Download the master in ProRes LT to really pixel peep.

To make the playing field as level as possible I used the same A-Mount lens on both cameras and also set the A7S to APS-C mode, which I use quite frequently in the real world. Picture profiles and other details are listed at the end of the video. 



I didn't have a lot of spare time today, so excuse the less-than-awesome slider shots. Shouldn't detract from the results. 

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This is a cool comparison, but I'm interested in how you felt they both held up in post? Did you notice any significant or noteworthy differences?


There is still a bit more micro blocking with A77II in fast-motion sequences versus the A7S. You can see a little of that in the penultimate shot of the van passing (I don't include such a shot with the A7S in this sample, but I've done it enough at this point to know it's not a serious issue.) Also, as you probably noticed, the A7S definitely has more detail. 


As for latitude in post, both are now on XAVC-S and seem to behave rather similarly when doing color corrections. I'll have no problem cutting these two cameras together and outside of pixel peepers and large projections, a normal person probably wouldn't notice the difference. For a web spot I would have no problem using the A77II in a pinch. 


The biggest problem with the A77II was nailing focus. For some reason the Zoom to Focus doesn't really improve the clarity of the image. It looks like they just took the screen information and made it larger on the A77II. This is implemented much better on the A7S, which shows more detail on the enlarged image. To make sure these were both in proper focus I had to attach a SmallHD screen. 


It's funny. These past couple weeks I've been editing a project I filmed two years ago on an FS100 and a Canon 5DMkIII. Both those cameras were great for their time, but my god the fast motion micro-blocking on the FS100 is awful (nice image tho). Then there's the 5D with an image so soft I constantly think it's out of focus.  (Note: I recently sold my FS100) Both the A7S and A77II are better modern options. 

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