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  1. ​If you look closely at the BTS video around the 44 second mark, you can see that she's performing for a bunch of cardboard cut outs in an empty arena. I guess the priority really is the tv audience.
  2. I finally figured out what RS stands for... Rolling Shutter! Sorry. I'm a little slow sometimes. The rolling shutter issue isn't something I've really run into a lot. I know that fast moves will result in mega jello, so I make sure to use the camera accordingly.
  3. I was not aware of this feature. But I'll definitely be using it in the future. Thanks for the tip!
  4. ​I seem to get more views through Vimeo than I do with Youtube. I really like the fact that I can add my Vimeo videos to different groups and channels that are filled with similar content. I feel like a lot of the people that I talk to don't really utilize or know about that feature. It really helps get eyeballs on your videos.
  5. Sorry, I'm not sure what RS stands for?
  6. I like that you started the song over every time the camera fell. The NX1 has definitely been keeping my attention.
  7. Thanks! As of now, it's pretty limited. Coming from Canon dslrs, the menu is a bit different, but once you get used to it, the workflow is pretty similar. There's just something about that full frame look that gets me.
  8. I shot a music video on the a7s for a friend over the holiday. A few weeks ago I finished the edit and I'm looking for feedback. This was really the first time I've attempted a music video and the first time I have ever really played with speed ramping and I had a blast doing it. I would really like to do more of these.
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