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GH4, variable ND recomendation

Clayton Moore

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If you want the one of the best then Heliopan Vario-Graufilter.

Heliopan Vario-Graufilter type 2099 is thicker with front filter thread and type 2199 is a slim type and thinner without front filter threads.


In Europe Helopan 2099 Vario-Graufilter 77mm costs about 200€.


Me and my partner are looking to buy a permanent solution for our ND's, and we've done a lot of research on the internet which one to buy. It allways comes down to heliopan.


You do not wan't to go cheap on these filters, trust me :)



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I second the Heliopans! No discernable loss in sharpness and no colour shift. I had the Lightcraft Workshop ones before. They're... okay, but the Heliopans are worth every penny.


I film weddings so need them on/off very quickly and also cannot recommend the Xume magnetic adapters enough too if you require speed. Although go for a larger ND and use step up rings to avoid vignetting.


Cheers, James

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