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  1. Hi I have been searching the net, but have not managed to find any answer to my question. I have a Sigma fp and a Samsung t5 that I connect to the single USB-C port on the camera. I also have a Weebill-S and with the new firmware one could control the Sigma fp from the Weebill-S. I guess there is no way one can split the USB-C port and use it for both recording and controlling the camera? Sorry for the stupid question, but just trying to figure out my options. Thanks in advance.
  2. PrebenR

    Sigma FP

    Doubt that, but they keep surprising me. From the interviews I have read given by the CEO, it seems they don't want to go back to the quattro sensor design. The new F sensor will be 1:1:1 design. I would think that an fp with APS-C sensor could be more likely than an APS-C Foveon. Remember Sigma is firstly a lens producers. They don't need to make an APS-C camera to make APS-C lenses.
  3. PrebenR

    Sigma FP

    No video for the Foveon FF. I don't remember where I read it but pretty sure I read it in an interview with the CEO recently. If you want high ISO or video the fp is the one you need. Foveon sensors are limited by physics when it comes to high iso, so I very much doubt the new will be very different from the older ones. If the Foveon ff had video and high ISO, why would Sigma need to make a FF Bayer sensor camera? I really look forward to reviews of this fp camera and the Foveon FF next year.
  4. You have to get some Chernobyl batteries to power you device ;)
  5. I'm going to buy a BMPCC. I have the option to get one from the dealer in my country at $1350. Wrapped cameras are going for about $700 on eBay. I guess many purchased in the sales. With tax and shipping it becomes about $900. So what I'm wondering about is will I get problems if I need to send camera inn for issues? Is the BMPCC prone to problems causing it to have to be returned for service? I feel safer choosing the local dealer, but the difference in price is a nice lens.
  6. How does these compare to the Voigtlander Noktons? There is Nokton 10.5mm coming I believe?
  7. Typical of compacts to have flaring issues. In many cases it is internal flaring due to light reflecting off the sensor in the small space.
  8. Thanks for sharing! I'll turn it off too. I had noticed that the import charges were too high.
  9. 4.44Mpx is what it will be. If you manage to sample several data points from one site (like the Foveon sensor) you get better colour acuity, clarity and resolution compared to a Bayer sensor, but you don't more pixels in x or y direction.
  10. "Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul" ;)
  11. The more the specs go wild, the more I feel the urge to look backwards :-) But, impressive feat.
  12. This doesn't even start to compute. :) Your saying either A) one need to buy every new camera to learn, or B) it is the gear that is important. Both are wrong in my mind.
  13. http://nofilmschool.com/2013/09/blackmagic-announces-fixes-mysterious-sensor-artifacts-pocket-camera
  14. Two words : Budget & priorities :) The camera won't degrade :) and if something better comes along then there are choices. :) Example: I pre-ordered the BMPCC, but cancelled the order when reviews pointed out the issues it had. Now the issues are fixed so the camera is worth considering again for me. I like film IQ, not video. The BMPCC IQ is more to my liking, but the LX100 is an easier camera to work with I'd expect. As for my photo cameras (Sigma dp series) I bought them as soon as they came out full price. Because it was top priority for me :) That said I still use the old versio
  15. Thanks! I see that to fix the whit orb issue one must send the camera in for calibrations. Perhaps it is better to buy a new camera than a used? Or do they accept all cameras?
  16. Thanks! That explained it very efficiently :)
  17. Sorry if this has been asked, but I cannot find it with search. I have a speedbooster for Nikon glass on mFT that I use on my GH3. I'm considering a used BMPCC camera and just wanted to check that the speedbooster is OK for this. I have read there is a special BMPCC version, but not sure what is the difference. If I cannot use the speed booster the BMPCC is not so interesting. Got to love the IQ of the camera though! Thanks in advance.
  18. What tempts me is the all in one gadget. No need for constant lens buys, bags, cases etc... Seems to be very portable. I can live with the f4.0 to f6.7 (taking crop factor into account). But what makes me doubt it still is the videos on the net showing some action/movement and what to me looks like frame drooping/jittering/similar. I know there is a lot of poor quality out there (like testing with full auto...), but... And I have yet to see something that looks more like film and not video. The other point is that editing 4k will probably mean upgrading PC and I'm not going to do that before
  19. One more questions. The markings on the camera is 1.7, 2.8, 4 etc.. It does have stops between these right? It is a tempting camera, just wished it had some more video focus as that would be my use, not photo. Wish Panasonic could put stabilisation at the sensor in future cameras, as they produce few lenses with stabilisation.
  20. Is the aperture ring running smoothly or it clicks into stops?
  21. It is still a small sensor. A small sensor that fits in trouser pockets :)
  22. As I thought then :-) but as I read the sensor has a 2.2 and 2.4 crop factor ( stills and video) so in effect it is not quite a mFT/FT. If I recall correctly the BMPCC has a 2.7 crop, so they are not that far apart.
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