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On 4/29/2023 at 6:00 PM, markr041 said:

Give it up. The fx30 and is not a hybrid. It is a "cinema" camera by Sony's own definition. By eliminating the totally unnecessary mechanical shutter (for video), money is saved, which is why the camera is much cheaper than the fx3. It is not suitable for stills; it is on the cutting-edge for video. That is the definition of non-hybrid. 

The fx30 has timecode, 4K DCI, 24.0 fps, tally lights, and special lcd viewing configurations for video. Same features as the fx3, which is approved by Netflix for cinema. And none of the a7 cameras are, because they lack essential features for video. Note that the fx3 does not have shutter angle or ND's - shutter angle is hardly an essential cinema feature unless one is incapable of dividing by 2; it seems that built-in ND's and IBIS do not work together - I prefer IBIS. I would love to have the electronic ND. 

Hybrid is another word for compromise. The a7 cameras are crippled for video; the fx30 is crippled for stills. So, guess which one I choose for video?

I do not understand why you have the need to dump on the fx30. The a7 cameras are crippled for video, no doubt. I feel your pain you did not get video-centric upgrades. So you take out your disappointment and envy and just plain meanness on the fx30 and those who use it? 

It is just plain nuts to define the fx30 as a hybrid camera and not a cinema camera.

I agree completely that your camera not getting video upgrades is maddening and results from pure selfish greed on the part of Sony. I hate Sony. But that is not going to stop me from pointing out silly logic based on obvious ownership bias, or to stop me from using Sony cameras if they suit my needs better than other cameras (and I have made clear why the fx30 is right for my purpose right now).


The FX30 is a crippled hybrid plain and simple, take the FX3 body which is a sunk cost, don't shrink margins by writing code for the photo features and call it a cinema camera. It's comical seeing all the YouTube shills parroting the cinema camera BS, it's just a next gen a6000 with photo features stripped out. It will be funny watching all of them whine about this when the new a6000's are released with all the FX30 video features plus the ability to shoot 15fps or so, bracket and so on.

It doesn't have a 16:9 sensor like the actual cinema cameras, along with a lot of other features. And it doesn't even take advantage of the higher mp photo sensor with 6k or open gate modes - which would actually be very useful. Much like the new ZV "Baby A7sIII" - it's just a marginal revenue product with lazy engineering and some new features for the clickbait thumbnails.

The FX30 is a fine camera. And its a cripple hammer hybrid. 



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44 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

What's your overall budget? I would say whatever ticks the most boxes while allowing for the best glass. If the a7IV is too big, something like the a7c is quite a bit smaller. I like the x100's, but with so many good, small lenses, I've never been able to warm up to that one. And its capabilities are pretty limited.



The x100v and xt4 AF was absolute shit for me but loved the emulations. Curious about the XH2S. Curious how that plays out ? 

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