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Panasonic buying advice : LX100 or FZ1000 ?

Pascal Garnier

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One of the organisations I work for parttime, have asked me to assemble them a compact video setup (both shooting and editing).  I'll also be the person shooting and editing for them.  The setup will be used for shooting training videos and internal communication.  Nothing too fancy, no effects work whatsoever, mostly fairly basic edits.


The setup I proposed consists of a new iMac with FCPX (or possibly Black Magic Resolve free version), a decent tripod and a Rode Videomic Rycote.  Camerawise I suggested the GH4 w/ 14-140 lens.  Since this setup will have to serve them for +5 years, anything less than 4K is a no-go.

Now, with the release of the FZ1000 and LX100, which also offer 4K shooting at a lower pricepoint, I'm not too sure anymore about the GH4. 
I own a GH4 myself, am perfectly happy with it, but buying a camera such as the FZ1000 of LX100 at half the price (including lens) will suffice for their needs. Both are also easier cameras for novice shooters than the GH4, plus the LX100 has image stabilisation.

Choosing one of both cameras would also free up more budget for lav mics, external recorders, ...


So I think I have my mind made up, but if anyone sees a reason why I should go for the GH4 + 14-140 instead , please let me know why.
Also, if you feel why the FZ1000 would be better than the LX100 (or vice versa), let me know.


Thanks in advance.


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So I think I have my mind made up, but if anyone sees a reason why I should go for the GH4 + 14-140 instead , please let me know why.

Also, if you feel why the FZ1000 would be better than the LX100 (or vice versa), let me know.


Thanks in advance.


Well, you reasoning makes sense and sounds solid. So the answer would be nope, not really. Other than the theoretical chance of using a different (faster, wider) lens in an interchangeable lens body. But for the needs you described, a camera like Sony RX10 or the Panasonic FZ1000 would be just fine. With all the essential extras  like a proper tripod, monodod, lavalier mic, lights, reflectors and so on. The rest is a matter of taste.


Although personally I wouldn't be too sure about 4K being an absolute must, even within the next 5 years, for the kind of usage you described. Horses for courses, you see. Plain old HD will work well for a good few years ahead, too. Also remember that 4K, and even just DaVinci Resolve 11, require a mighty mojo box to handle the footage. But other than that, your proposal does indeed make sense, IMO.

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LX100 no audio in or out so for an all around cam definitely FZ1000..


Apart from being a little wider and faster and smaller does anybody know any reason why LX100 would be a better choice? I'm very interested in FZ1000.. Curious how the lenses compare but I really love the look of the FZ1000, amazing bokeh for a super zoom..

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I'm in a similar position - deciding on a camera for a company I work for and I'm also really liking the LX100 and FZ1000. In my case, the camera will also be used to take photos at events by people with little knowledge of cameras/photography and the video feature is a great add-on because it means I can use it as my second camera. 


Here is what I'm wondering: how will the low light performance of the two cameras compare?


The FZ1000 has a smaller sensor and the lens isn't quite as fast and for me that might be decisive because of the photography at events (i.e. potentially low light situations). 


I think the FZ1000 might be a more competent all-round camera than the LX100 - this comparison might help: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/compare/Panasonic_DMC-LX100_vs_Panasonic_DMC-FZ1000/BHitems/1082158-REG_1057135-REG


At the moment, they're also at similar prize points so that's interesting but I guess the LX100 prize might drop after a while


Also, with no audio recording abilities on the LX100 - how do you sync the video and audio? I might be missing something here but I do it manually when it's required and that requires sound on all clips.... 

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I 'am trying to decide between FZ1000 and LX100.
It will be a main A camera. It must shoot 4K and cost ~900 USD.

I've already bought GP4 Black as B camera and I use old Dslr for stills, but it's not enough.
Of course I can use a GoPro as a pocket camera, but it's ...

I would like to use camera for:
- stills and panoramas
- timelapse and night timelapses

- interviews* ( i want to mount a led lamp on camera ) 

( I would like to record clear sound of voice outdoors and for example - car sounds.
It would be good to connect a microphone, but I can also use external recorded if necessary )

- shots inside buildings - house, clubs

- shots inside cars ( mountig a camera like a gopro inside a car )
- some follow focus shots
- tripod panning and gunning
- slider

- some telephoto shots

- travel *I'like to "wear" this camera with me, but I've heard that even LX100 is too big

I will use Vari-ND, slider and tripod with fluid head or suction cup dslr car mount mostly.

1. What camera will shoot better stills?

2. Is the quality of 4K video the same with both cameras?
3. Which camera is better in low light?
4. I almost don't shoot handheld - only smooth shots with tripod, slider, gimbal etc..

Which camera is better to shoot those type of shots with tripod, slider, with suction cup
and more ergonomic?

is it possible to do follow focus style shots on FZ1000 or LX100?

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The FZ1000 is all about the zoom range. If you need to go really long on the zoom then get the FZ1000. In all other respects the LX100 is better aside from the lack of slow-mo... and a few minor missing menu options. No CineLike D either.

LX100 review part 1 http://www.eoshd.com/2014/11/shooting-4k-pocket-camera-exceptional-panasonic-lx100/

FZ1000 review http://www.eoshd.com/2014/11/panasonic-fz1000-review-bargain-4k-super-zoom/

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FZ1000 can always drop to 1080 for wider angle if needed, lack of audio / flipscreen I would say LX100 is more of the fun camera, FZ1000 a better contender as an A camera


(if possible both used together are a great reasonably priced package!)


The FZ1000 seems to lack 1080 at 24p... at least in MP4 format. I'd say AVCHD is usable option, but for me it isn't. That's the only bummer I have about the camera seeing as AVCHD is not a good codec to work with in the first place, and as I have a Macbook, it's practically hell.


Other than that, it's a versatile camera. Cinelike D, Zoom Range, Mic input, flip screen. Both seem to have it's own advantages. Definitely, the two cameras pair up quite nicely for a budget combo. If Sony fails to offer anything similar early next year (but crossing fingers for a a6000 successor at a competitive price range though), I know the next camera I'll bet getting for my setup.

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 In all other respects the LX100 is better aside from the lack of slow-mo... and a few minor missing menu options. No CineLike D either.


Hmm.. not sure I agree with that after reading the reviews


My conclusion was-


FZ1000 Pros: Mic in, Flipscreen, Longer lens, Picture profiles, 5 axis stabilisation in 1080, more buttons/controls

LX100 Pros: Wider / faster lens, looks cooler

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Thank you for your responses.

So, the true main differences that matters are:
1. wider zoom range in FZ1000
2. microphone input in FZ1000
3. better stabilisation on FZ1000 ( 5 axis works in the video mode or only photo? )
4. CineLike profiles on FZ1000
5. quite faster lens on LX100
6. flipscreen on FZ1000

I've read all the posts and very good reviews on eoshd.com, before making a new post.

the problem is that I haven't find anywhere straight true and real, tested and verified answear to this questions:

LX100 vs FZ1000
1. Which camera is better in low light?
2. Which camera has better overall video quality?
3. Which camera has better overall photo quality? ( not resolution, but the quality of pictures )
4. Which camera has better "lens" quality?
5. Which camera has a cleaner image and is less noisy?

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The FZ1000 initially lacked 24p. It has it now with the latest firmware update.


To answer those Qs above...


1. LX100 is better in low light by quite some margin

2. LX100 has the better overall video quality, but they have the same codec and at ISO 200 hard to tell apart

3. LX100 again better picture quality because of larger sensor and it's less noisy. The lens plays a part. The LX100 is simply lovely at wide angle, F1.7

4. Lens quality is similar in terms of sharpness, contrast, etc. But LX100 doesn't flare too well - green splurge

5. Both are "clean" but LX100 is less noisy

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You could also consider a G6, which will award you 60p for slomo and a proper full-sized mic jack, as well being just as affordable (if not more so) than the options listed above. Unless you just don't want to go with interchangeable lenses at all.

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I've had a G6, superb camera, but only 1080p. Sold to buy 4K.

Is it possible to make a follow focus shot on either lx100 or fz1000?



I have not tried much with the LX100 but I think both would be similar, and not great, since they are fly by wire focus both of them (I believe).


OP who mentions training videos mainly my recommendations:: Personally (and I own a LX100 myself which I love), I would probably go for the fz1000. If they are novices, and plan on shooting training videos/simple stuff, the camera has some advantages:

a. in controlled lighting, the smaller sensor shouldn't be much of an issue.

b. the fz1000 will have a deeper DoF, which is a good thing so they don't get stuff out of focus more than necessary...  In fact, lighting permitting, they should stop it down to have it as wide as possible, and turn off continous auto focus (just be smart with placement of people, and set the focus point at the beginning of the recording)

c. it has audio in. I can't imagine these guys want to do audio sync in post, and an internal mic is not sufficient for recording training videos

d. the zoom range can come in handy, depending on setup.


M100: For you, I think the LX100 makes more sense, with the bigger sensor, and possibly less need for audio.

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