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Panasonic buying advice : LX100 or FZ1000 ?

Pascal Garnier

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Great thread, trying to decide on these camera models myself. I just saw this BMPocket video and wonder if this camera shouldn't also be considered when in this price range.

​Well yeah, every option should (although some only ever so briefly) be considered.

But we're not talking price range here per se. It's mostly because they are comparable to a considerate degree. Both are 4K capable hybrids, with built-in stabilization and they share the fact that they're non-interchangeable lens systems with flexible optics. And then you're going to throw a 1080p RAW recording cinema camera in the mix that doesn't even take stills or includes glass with a decent range of coverage and sensitivity. If you're considering the LX100 and the FZ1000 I don't really see how you think the BMPCC fits in there in terms of comparability. Sure; from a price point they're close, but they're different sorts of cameras altogether.

The LX100 is nice as allround everyday camera. Don't add no nothing, just have it with you (perhaps some neutral density filters) and go about your day, always having that little powerhouse with you if the occasion arises. Same goes for the FZ1000, though it's more an allround travel cam with a higher degree of flexibility, but with some added chunkiness to it. Both have their ups and downs. Surely you can use them in a production environment as well. Though perhaps in limited capacity and rather as added specialty to another camera that's being used as main cam.

Sure, you can consider numerous other cameras, like the BMPCC, but then you might as well consider everything... from the GM1, GM5, G6, GX7, GH3, NX500, A5100, A6000, D5300 and D5500 all the way to the GoPro Hero4 BLK or everything upwards from that for that matter, GH4, NX1, A7S, D750, D810, 5DmkIII, 1D C and upwards of that even. And actually. You should. You should consider each and every single camera out there. Might even throw in the E-M5II, don't know why one would, but you can consider it for a brief second. Same goes for the Arri Alexa Mini, although it might be entirely out of your price range (but hey, renting is still a thing). Or hey, forget what I said, just use your smartphone instead!

The BMPCC is great because it's pushable due to its RAW recording possibilities. It's small and easily adaptable within a modular system. Footage looks great. Nice 'n flat, pretty great dynamic range for such a sensor. And... and... em. Hum. Well. Em. What's not to like, really? Well... perhaps... it's not for stills, so forget hybrid use. No built-in stabilization. Bad crop/difficult to get wide shots. Doesn't come with glass, you probably end up buying a couple of primes and having to swap 'em all the time. Not particularly high frame rates. Fills your cards up rather quickly. Goes through batteries like it's nothing. Screen isn't the most ideal. This is not a point-'n-shoot, you need to carefully set-up your shot. No blind use with mode and setting dials and tons of (customizable) buttons, just some navigation buttons. Not to mention it's all rather just basic functionality. Audio handling is poorly done. Oh. And last summer it was on sale with spectacular prizes. People were anticipating a successor soon... or a catch. Nope. Nothing of the kind. But the knowledge of putting down money for a camera, of which the amount months back would've bought you 2 of 'em (with no apparent reason other than the fact they can), that kinda stings, doesn't it? Anyways. In the end... it's great if you use it purposely. But it requires a very different approach than the LX100 or FZ1000.

Listen, I have the BMPCC... but not instead of the LX100 or FZ1000. They simply can't replace one another. That's why I have all three. And the GH4. And the GH2. And the E-M1. And the D5300. And several action cams. Although, surely that's the most ideal situation: not having to choose one to stick with, just have plenty of tools so you can put each tool to each specific use without compromising due to of the drawbacks a single solution would bring with it. Bit tougher if you have to pick one. It will depend on how you use it. Hybrid (stills/video) or not (video only)? Does size and weight constrict you? Do you need an all-in-one solution with a spontaneous point-'n-shoot character? Do you mind swapping out lenses and rigging your gear? How are you going to handle power supply? Are you going to use it in a production environment? Quality requirements? Gradeability? Need for slowmotion? Storage/archiving? Would you need specific system requirements for quick editting turnarounds? There's a lot that can make you go one way or another. There isn't a universal solution that meets the requirements of all shooters out there. Pick something that suits your individual needs the best... which can be any camera, really... just not sure if you want to take a too long look at the BMPCC, when you were thinking a LX100 / FZ1000 would nicely fit in your way of shooting. They might be similar at initial purchase, but are pretty much worlds apart. And with the BMPCC you're not even there yet after getting the camera itself...

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