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Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera for $495


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"Blackmagic Design today announced an exciting Summer Special discount for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for the low price of US$495. With a normal recommended retail price of US$995, this Summer Special represents incredible value and is available for a limited time and will end on the 31st of August 2014...



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The only way is also the best way :)


Metabones Speed Booster EF to BMPCC




It goes to nearly Super 35 / APS-C with this.


Timing is good for you as the adapter is released on Friday (18th july).

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at adorama u can Save up to $300.00 with bundle!!!! 
BMPCC $495
Metabones Leica R  Speed Booster $169
Metabones Nikon G Speed Booster $189
and this is insane:
BMPCC $495 + NEW Metabones Canon EF Lens to BMPCC Speed Booster $659 = $1154 - $300 = $854!!!!!
holy sh++++!
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Lol.  So glad I didn't buy this camera.  A lot of people got burned.  If you aren't making money with your gear it's better just to wait.  Some people bidding on ebay haven't heard the news... Unfortunate.  I was actually looking at the BMCC a few weeks ago because the prices on the used BMPCC were just way too high.  Looks like my instincts were right.



The reason I focused more on the BMCC is it has less of a crop and it has an ef mount that allows IS.  Also it uses SSDs vs SD cards.  I also found the used pricing to be interesting.  I might actually be able to get a BMCC with full Resolve for $1500ish.  That's a $500 discount (25%).  You can't get a BMPCC for 25% off.  Once you take into account the price of Resolve the price difference between a BMPCC and a BMCC on the used market is not that much.



So now Blackmagic has gone and made it interesting.

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I am not seeing that.  Here is what my cart shows BMPCC $495 + NEW Metabones Canon EF Lens to BMPCC Speed Booster =$1154-$100=$1,054.00


I refresh the page and you are right... They changed the discount from 300 to 100 :(

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I'm very, very tempted by this. 


I've been craving RAW so badly recently. Last night I was shooting 7fps RAW bursts on my G6 just for a taste! Pointless.  :(

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