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The end of EOSHD

Andrew Reid

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Hey Andrew!

I haven't been active in the forums here for years, just looking in here now and then - mostly because my life has taken many new directions since the phase when I was very much into photography and video.

I've been working from home in isolation for a long time now, it's been 1.5 years ago since I worked in offices. It's a big difference in social life, especially since I've kept my social circle small.

I can't help you in making a decision or finding out a next step. But I thought I'd fill in how I approach times of low motivation, or how I approach it whenever I feel like my life is stuck. Maybe it can inspire, give ideas?

For me, whenever I've felt stuck in life or that there's nothing new in my life, I have often had what I guess could be called an existential crisis. What I have found that I have done to process this, is to evolve myself by trying new things - from learning new computer skills, softwares, and programming languages to running, road biking, kayaking, hiking, winter camping, mountaineering, skiing and rock climbing.

What I have found, is that I enjoy learning new things. I love exploring the wild. I rarely use anything else than phone cameras these days, but through my interests I've found a big interest in GoPro cameras and I recently also picked up a drone - which gives a new dimension when I'm exploring nature. Since I spend my work days in front of computers, I have cut down on the time I spend on computers at home, so the goal I have when I film these days is to do as much as possible when shooting, and as little as possible editing at home.

I feel stuck and bored to death when I sit too long in front of Premiere, Resolve or Lightroom. But, whenever I focus on a hobby like skiing and film that with the Gopro, I try to focus on making a process where I can film myself or friends skiing in one go from top to bottom. I give myself the opportunity to make something with one shot of video, where I don't need to edit, only do some minor adjustments - and that gives me inspiration. The skiing itself is like meditation - but it also gives me an opportunity to make a video, that shows what skiing is all about.

Here's one of my videos. I like that it shows skiing raw just the way it is, and it also makes it an easy process for me to produce videos like this:


So whenever life feels uninspiring, or you feel that you're stuck in one way or the other - find new things to try out, make changes to what you do, whether it is small steps or bigger steps. Keep doing what you get inspired of and what you find fun, and take a break from what you don't enjoy.

I love this forum and the discussions going on here, and I think it's impressive what you've built up over the years. But at some point you need to try new things if you feel stuck. I hope this site lives on, and I hope you can find new inspiration and joy in your life. Cheers!

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I only recently became a member on the forum, but I’ve been following the blog since I stumbled upon it somewhere between 2013 and 2015. The pandemic has really destroyed my sense of time, apologies. My first comment was only earlier this year and it was unfortunately antagonistic. However, it was regarding creative and artistic philosophies, my primary field of study in university. It was a far more engaging topic of discussion than anywhere else I’d experienced on the internet in the world of camera and lens reviews.

Something Eoshd, and I’m sure you, Andrew, understands is the reality of a creative heart that needs access to properly expressive tools at an affordable price point. From entry level to pro, you have asked the question; “How can this tool best serve the artistry?” And that is an honorable endeavor in any age. 

I want to say thank you. Thank you for making all of this accessible when I didn’t even go to film school. From the magic lantern hacks you covered, to the ground breaking gh4, to pushing for impartial industry journalism, I’m very grateful for all of it. 

I hope for nothing but the best for you moving forward. You’ve brought joy and consolation to so many of us and I’m sure all of us want the same for you. You helped me become a full time filmmaker. Thank you. 

Hoping you find what you need,

Zachary James Martinez

A M D G 

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I think I first contracted G.A.S. before I discovered EOSHD, but not long before, and this site helped guide me through it quite nicely. I’m now mostly recovered, only falling off the wagon every now and then, but overall I’ve defeated the disease (I couldn’t care less about the A7iv). But I learned a lot, things I don’t think I’d know now if it weren’t for this site, things like 10-bit, Magic Lantern, All-I, why Panasonic is so amazing when all of my friends think it’s just a TV manufacturer from the 80’s. Lots of important stuff. I think I probably bought just about every camera that Andrew recommended (at least those which I could afford), and none disappointed. When he says he’s lost his creative desire, I read that as he just had a painful breakup with a woman. If true, I can’t take that pain away, but I can say it will pass. Maybe EOSHD will survive, maybe it will be sold. Either way it will never be the same, and I guess that’s ok, what’s important is that is was what it was, and that means a lot to a lot of people. Best wishes for the future.

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I can see you need a change, Andrew, but I am not convinced you need a career change.  First, a huge percentage of people go through a period of depression in their lives.  Second, everyone goes through slumps in their career.  

I am convinced you need some sort of change, though.  As I recall you live in Berlin.  My suggestion?  Get the hell out of the city.  Humans were never designed to live in cities.  It's absolutely horrible for your mental health.  At the lowest point in my life, I lived in a large city in a metropolitan area.  The further I moved away from the city, the happier I became, both personally, and in my career (and I had the same job).  Cities are dirty, noisy, lonely, and, these days, they are run my dictator wannabees.  Screw that!  With the internet, you don't need to live in the city anymore.  If you have a car, and internet, that's all you need.  Get smart and get out! 

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By the way, there is a real need for someone like you with your skills.  There is a dearth of real mentors in the video world bringing information to enthusiasts.  The most memorable post on EOSHD for me was "Kendy Ty and the T2i – one guy doing amazing things with a 5 year old DSLR" back in 2014.  


This kind of review is so hard to find these days.  It was less about what the gear can do for you, and more about what you can do with the gear. 

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