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Andrew Reid

Blackmagic not just by name - why the Cinema Camera is the future

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I'm not sure if someone already talked about this but in a interview, the guy from Black Magic didn't say anything about global shutter, in fact he just discussed rolling shutter. Why wouldn't he talk about it then? It's a feat that a lot of people have been waiting for so long, it would definitely help it sell more. Although I don't think that it won't sell if it's good enough since it's an unexplored market.

But it's interesting to know that if there are sensors capable of global shutter, they can also feat rolling shutter. But does that affect the whole DR and low light performance whatever mode it's on? I mean, can you get different DR and ISO performance based on what type of shutter you are using? Because global shutter in a CMOS sensor should diminish the DR and increase the noise in high ISO, right?

Actually you can sacrifice high-ISO for DR, maybe they have done that since right now they say it goes up to ISO 1600. And if you consider it's wide DR, it makes sense.

All this brings me the GH3, so it can use rolling shutter for pictures and maybe global shutter for videos, I think that they can do 1080p60 with a new processor without problems. But then we have to question how many MP? I don't think that it will increase from 16MP, but shouldn't they make it 10~12MP, maybe? Unless they can really handle the DR and high ISO well, but it seems unlikely, Panasonic never exceeded in those areas. I think that the least the GH3 has to perform is something like the Olympus OM-D E-M5.

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[quote author=garypayton link=topic=613.msg4571#msg4571 date=1335188040]
for people that owns a HACKINTOSH without Thunderbolt what do you suggest? An external box for SSDs? It will take years to move the footage to the computer...
any suggestions?
Hackintosh with eSATAIII or USB 3.0 dock station for SSD drive is a way to go

BTW anyone notice the upper port cap marked as REMOTE? Is it means that we can hope for some kind of additional external phisycal buttons for camera control?

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