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  1. cameraboy

    Magic Lantern 5D Mark III raw video and camera reliability

    there is no way  c500 to record raw in camera ... it has old  dvIII cpu as their  Legria/Vixia prosumer line ... basically its a  sensor box with raw video tap .... very lazy designed camera..
  2. canon c500 have 10 bit raw with baked-in ISO and white balance ...
  3. no it's not ... but is useless ... :)
  4. cameraboy

    Ikonoskop A-cam dll versus Blackmagic Cinema Camera

    there is a big difference between CCD  and CMOS sensors in image look ... i always like CCD more ( more dense organic colors).... sony f35 (panavision genesis ) image looks more like film than alexa ...  but of course ALEXA beats F35 in dynamic range ...
  5. cameraboy

    BMCC scary moire @ :53 secs

    bad resizing .... thats 1280p image ....
  6. cameraboy

    KING of the Food Chain? RED!!!?

    in RED world 16 stops probably means little more than 14 ... not bad ... but better than 65mm .. hm ... let me see a colors first ...  nevertheless more competition is better for us , costomers....
  7. dont mix dslr with BMCC ... same price its only thing that they have in common ... u need different mind set to shot in RAW ... and postproduction is different ... what u need is intermediate  codec .... use cineform RAW (bitate and cpu need similar to PRORES)...
  8. cameraboy

    Sony 55 v Black Magic camera anyone?

    not yet .... march 2013 ... sad....
  9. cameraboy

    Sony 55 v Black Magic camera anyone?

    KODAK and FUJI dominates ..... not ALEXA , RED  or whatever... thats a fact....
  10. can this thread go more childish... my camera that i dont own is better than your camera that u dont own .... people need a lot of talent and craft to use full potential of both cameras ...
  11. cameraboy

    Sony 55 v Black Magic camera anyone?

    i know about that ... 7450$ for f35 ... crazy .... its a pity that all big players give up on CCD  tech ....
  12. cameraboy

    Sony 55 v Black Magic camera anyone?

    reason why all camera look similar is because they all have cmos sensor ... in my opinion ccd sensors have more pleasing (organic ) color/texture rendition .... this guy buy  sony f35 from ebay for 12000$ and image is capture by hyperdeck shuttle ... [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGsNjdY6veE&list=UUaGPZ1bDQ7ATyf357gTSEiw&index=8&feature=plcp"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGsNjdY6veE&list=UUaGPZ1bDQ7ATyf357gTSEiw&index=8&feature=plcp[/url] [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIN3NWk7MM4&list=UUaGPZ1bDQ7ATyf357gTSEiw&index=9&feature=plcp"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIN3NWk7MM4&list=UUaGPZ1bDQ7ATyf357gTSEiw&index=9&feature=plcp[/url]
  13. cameraboy

    Canon 1DC Official Pricing

    price will definitely go lower for fast CF cards because theres lot of high MP  cameras  (d800 , 5d3 )...
  14. cameraboy

    Canon 1DC Official Pricing

    thats only 16 min of footage for that kind of money u can buy   512Gb ssd ... my point is that u cant use cheap CF for 1DC....
  15. some movies are so bad that they look better on iPhone ...