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  1. Hard questions? He didn't ask the HARDER one...when will we be getting the camera???????
  2. @Andrew : Did you hear about that? [size=2][b][color=#FF8000]"Jigsaw24[/color] & [color=#FF0000]Holdan[/color] present first UK hands on demonstration and workflow of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera & DaVinci Resolve 9[/b][/size] Experts from Jigsaw24, Holdan and Blackmagic Design will be on hand at the 2 day drop in event to answer any questions about the camera, workflow and Resolve 9! This is the first public event to showcase the camera in the UK and allow you to shoot with the camera on tripods, shoulder rigs and then get the footage into Resolve and see the dynamic range in action up close." I guess they will do this presentation with ONE camera, since it looks like they are building one per week....
  3. December...so maybe it will ship before the EF version... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. December...so maybe it will ship before the EF version... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. yes...a "bit" of slippage...but they are about 4 months late now. They shouldn't say july at first glance, if they said "by the end of the year" nobody would get mad...
  6. I'm leaving italy in october to shoot a documentary in south america and it all was planned because we thought we were going to have 2 black magic cinema cameras with us. So right now I'm pretty damn concerned...hope they find the rabbit and start shipping by the end of september...
  7. Here in Italy they all are pretty sure that who ordered it will get it by the end of september.
  8. Here in Italy various dealers told me the camera will be ready to ship on sept. 15th. They are also telling me I'd better order it because if I don't it will take a long time before I get one. Price here is 2999 euro...pretty expensive
  9. Thanks! Which kind of computer would we need to work directly on RAW files?
  10. Hey guys, I have a 2010 Imac, just to pass a raw file by USB 2.0 it will take 500 hours. @Andrew : is your worflow going to save me by buying a new computer ? (I know, I will have to buy it if it was just to have thunderbolt or usb 3) I mean, what's the MINIMUM system requirements you guy suggest? Thanks!
  11. I think we should start this thread even though the camera is not out yet. I really need suggestions about wide angle lenses, the crop is probably the biggest issue about this camera. Andrew : is the Tokina 11-16mm a good option? What about the Sigma 8-16?
  12. Is he saying there is a dynamic range drop when shooting DNG? I hope not, I know 99,9999999999999999999% of us will use the camera for non cinematographic projects (I include myself in this 999999999999999999999999) but still It makes you feel good to have a camera that will let you take the last step to cinema (isn't it called CInema camera?) if you have an opportunity. Really waiting to know what this camera real potential is!
  13. [quote author=Andrew Reid link=topic=813.msg5880#msg5880 date=1338991190] Just to be clear here Gary, as a 5D owner I'm guessing it isn't the EF mount of the Blackmagic you have an issue with, it is really the sensor size. Different topic altogether. [/quote] yes, sure, I'm talking about the sensor size.
  14. I understand these concerns. As a 5d owner I'll hate to have, let's say, my beautiful 14mm sigma to become a 30 mm... I guess we will have to live with that, maybe sell some lenses to buy new ones.
  15. where did you take this nickname???? LOL I use it in a lot of forums, even had a facebook account with it, inspired by the hatian rebel i suppose? cheers
  16. @BurnetRhoades yes you're right, but still ergonomics and 90 mins internal battery are still a issue to me. I'm sure there will be solutions to that.
  17. I was thinking more about this camera. I really think this sadly will be a studio only camera, cause of the battery short life and the really bad ergonomics. Another problem is...is this camera tropicalized? How will it react working outside, with 30 degrees, for a couple of hours? I was thinking to sell my Mark2 to make money, but really I think there will be a lot of situations when this camera won't work. To me it made a lot more sense to put the spirit of DSLR filmmakers in this camera, not only the price! Like this we have a steril studio camera that will be really difficult to adapt to "run and gun" shooting
  18. I can buy the dock station apart right? sorry, never used ssds
  19. Yes I can switch to a real MAC, but that means spending the double of money I spent for my Hackintosh, maybe more
  20. for people that owns a HACKINTOSH without Thunderbolt what do you suggest? An external box for SSDs? It will take years to move the footage to the computer... any suggestions?
  21. I don't think all the people that will buy this camera will have 12 bit monitors and with SSDs you can live without Thunderbolt
  22. Dear Axel, i'm with you on this, but you put this as if it is a "do or die" situation. If my computer won't be enough, then I will use it for minor works. When I got some serious project I will rent a computer, find some friends that work in the "industry" and work on that. Thank God if there is one thing that I don't miss is Limitations. Don't worry about that.
  23. Like always the plan is to get better, many people will go with this camera to upgrade to a cinema camera. 1 over 1 million will make a movie with this, but that's not the point. If this camera opens up more possiiblities without wasting so much money than it's worth. the limit is to push it, if the camera gets to 10-bit then 10 bit will be. I will buy a mac with thunderbolt if necessary.
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