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  1. funny that after my whinging about stabilization in my other post, this olympus has appeared! sounds very good, albeit with qualms about the data rate... but i am a bit worried about the olympus financial situation. all this business about them losing/stealing some hundreds of millions of dollars and then sacking the new ceo who brought it all out makes me wonder about getting into their system. (the CEO, michael woodford, has been offered a big settlement, but they still didn't let him stay on: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/technology/tech-news/whistleblower-former-olympus-ceo-wins-dismissal-settlement/article2446264/) i wonder how much this will affect their development. as was pointed out above, they already didn't have the deep pockets of the big boys, and now they have less...
  2. that is very interesting about the olympus. it certainly seems to have an advantage for video shooting. would the sony with its internal stabilizer be better as well? olympus seems to have an 'extra dimension' for stability, but would the sony be better than an in-lens only stabilizer? and what would happen if you put a lens with a built in stabilizer on a body with an internal stabilizer? total chaos??
  3. i was out shooting a bit of video with a canon t3i tonight (the demo in montreal if anyone is interested...) and, looking at my footage afterwards, i was unhappy with my handheld shots. normally, shooting with a regular video camera, i am quite steady, even walking. but with the dslr, i find things are much more shakey.one reason would be that the camera is a bit lighter of course. but i have a feeling that the way the stabilization works is different. perhaps with a regular video camera there is more latitude for movement? or is it more a software issue? is the dslr stabilizer optimized for taking stills and is perhaps reacting too quickly to movement? i was using the stock kit lens at 18 mm, so about 29 mm equivalent, which is noticeably wider than a typical video camera, and so it should be easier to get steady shots. i have never seen any discussion of this. is it just me or have other people noticed this?
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