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Death by 1000 Canon Fanboys and Philip Bloomers [EOSHD on Youtube]

Andrew Reid

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I remember vividly this epic Canon marketing moment. It must have been so hard for those canon fanboys to accept their beloved camera specs didn't match reality. The potential of a timer and not a real heat sensor making decisions on whether a camera turns off or continues to operate was so unacceptable, even for fanboys. Canon wasn't even acknowledging the problem. The pent-up frustration had to be released. On top of that, Philip Bloom said: "hey look, this guy said something bad about Canon and my cats" - let's go after him! This is probably what it felt like for the king's messenger in the middle ages.

Personally, I'm an animal lover and that includes humans too. It would appear some animal "lovers" exclude humans from their love. Instead, they run them over on purpose to make an example of them- Don't f*ck with cat lovers.

Anyway, that's how I see it.

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Hi Andrew

You are doing an amazing job, we can learn from it (especially information about equipment bugs and hidden pbm) and we can enjoy all your research for free for so many years. No one else does this on the net. No one else dares to do this on the net and it explains a lot about it.

The overreactions and personal accusations based on this cat's joke are simply disproportionate, ridiculous, and pitiful. Yet it is a perfect illustration of the world of today in its destruction of the freedom of life, movement, speech and thought.  

Dictatorship of the orthodox thinking is the new god.

Real information, debate and understanding don't matter anymore, spreading the official message and echoing the standard set for everything is all that the human being needs.

In my country, during the Covid confinement, "good" neighbors are taught to call the police if more than 6 people are together next door. And many did it ! 
But who cares about the consequences and the deep meaning of all this ?

People, kids, cat and all pet are meant to live in a shitty world from now on, with a policeman and judge of moral has to breath inside any of us.

On another scale, among "journalists" investigating our "democratic" and "liberal" society, Julian Assange should also feel very lonely.

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Certainly not off limits in GB as long as not obviously cruel and unfunny.

The meme was mischaracterised by Philip in his tweet, in order to turn his many thousands of followers on me.

Many of them hadn't even seen it.

So it's nothing to do with Britain.

Our sense of humour is intact... Well most of us.

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On 6/24/2021 at 12:18 AM, John Matthews said:

In Britain, why is it possible to make jokes about babies on spikes, yet animals are off-limits? I don't get it.

In Britain, in 'normal conversation' it is possible to make jokes about pretty much anything especially if that conversation is with someone you know well. Just yesterday a mate of mine asked me if I thought what my kid was doing on a swing was dangerous and I replied...

'Dont worry, I have a spare!!' (Get it?)

However, it appears that 'humor rules' change completely when you move from 'normal conversation' to the internet. 'This is my french friend but he is not all bad!' is a joke in 'normal conversation' but a 'xenophobic attack' on the internet.

As I see it there are 2 reasons for this. One is fairly obvious. If you are having a normal conversation with someone you tend to 'assume the best' (on the basis that if you assumed he was an axxhole in the beginning, you wouldnt be having a conversation). But when you are communicating on the internet you are largely talking to strangers who are very quick to jump to any old conclusion.

But, more importantly, on the internet (particularly twitter) people are 'fighting' to draw attention to themselves and to be a relevant part of the on-going conversation. Being rude, obnoxious and even deliberately confrontational is an 'internet tactic' in many respects.

Life was far simpler in the past. When you were offended, you wrote a letter to the BBC (and presumably the BBC took your letter, scrumpled it up and threw it in the bin.)


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