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Blackmagic Studio Camera to be announced today

Andrew Reid

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Not sure where to start here honestly.  Both new cameras look pretty cool.  BUT here is the problem they have if they dont offer some promissed updates to exsisting cameras.  How confident can buyers of the new stuff be that they will be fully supported with the new products they buy, if customers of existing products get very little in that regard.

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The AJA Cion seems to be absolutely packed with every type of connector/feature you'd want (no 10" screen), but will it hold up to the BM image quality?

I wonder when we'll see something smaller/cheaper/prosumer from Alexa - just to put the cat amoungst the pigeons!

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I can guarantee this announcement will not please any of Blackmagic's existing user base...

Actually, if you take a look at their product line-up, you'll realize these are the first BMD cameras that might please their user base! :)

Their previous cameras were aimed at the DSLR video crowd, but that doesn't really represent their user base.
I do agree they need to step up and finish those damn cameras properly. The original 4k camera is still the one I'm most interested in, but I'm not getting it until they finish that firmware properly.
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Are histograms really that important, when you can shoot in raw and use peaking? + you can always use ultra-scopes.

No of course not, i'm more interested in the minor things that would fall under the etc...heading - the pink noise generated by lights, maybe a few extra WB presets (for ProRes).

Eventhough i've got my Pocket cam that produces lovely images, i still use my 60D because no one really gives a shit.

No 4K for me as there is only one real platform for it & that's cinema - the new Panasonic/Sony cams look like they always did, a bit video-ish.

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Looks like the Studio camera HD is using the pocket camera sensor both are 12.48x 7.02mm

They seem to be using a New sensor for the Studio camera 4K 13.056x7.344mm


Production camera 4K is 21.12mmx11.88mm

Cinema camera 13 stops DR is 15.8mmx8.81mm


In some ways these cameras are the Mk II version of the first generation better audio ,larger batteries

more user friendly.I wouldn't be surprised if new form factor versions of their first three cameras aren't far away.

Perhaps a 10" screen that can be put where ever you like and plugged in to the camera.

Some of the rigs for Black magic cameras look like sprawling Meccano constructions anyway.

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