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Sharp Cinema Lens with Nikon Mount


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Does anyone have a suggestion for a good film-look lens with Nikon mount which doesn't cost a thousand dollars?

I'm not quite happy with my lenses so far concerning the sharpness and look, as most of them are photographic lenses.

Zoom wouldn't be bad, but doesn't have to be. Also of course it should be somewhat fast.


Perhaps anyone has a advice or a secret tip?


Shall be used on BMPCC with BMPCC-Nikon Speedbooster.

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50mm f1.2 will be soft wide open , I have the Porst 50mm f1.2 and it is also soft wide open , its just a fact of physics - once you get an apperture over f1.4 softness and blooming are ususally present unless you start spending silly money .


Canon make a very sharp 50mm f1.4 , so do Carl Zeiss the Plannar , superb lens


I dont use lenses over f1.4 ever as they all tend to be soft / have chromatic abrasion issues and blooming and are not really usable!!


stop down your Nikon 50mm below f2 it will sharpen up alot

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