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Apple TV?

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Unbiased. And, I've used a few different media boxes. Sony, IPTV box, even the Samsung TVs internally built system - they even have apple TV built into the TV (but I still resort to the standalone box).

Now.... I've used Sony before moving to Apple TV Box - its just easy to use, hassle free - intuitive. Funny thing is, even if the apple TV is built into the Samsung TVs that I have.... I don't use it simply because the remote (Samsung Remote vs. Apple TV remote) isn't there.... 

The whole experience of it being so simple - idiot proofing - is what draws me in...

Only complaints I have about the Apple remote - sometimes its overly sensitive (the touch portion of it) and its so small.... you can lose it often... 

Editted to add: I have a lot of non-tech savvy people in my household - I can take the time to learn a system, but I don't have patience to baby and/or teach every single person that is in my household nor those that visits my household and starts asking me how do you use this thing.... 

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We watch only content via the Apple TV, never from live broadcasts and never from recordings. We don’t seem to miss anything. We have apps for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, 5, Amazon, Netflix and Disney+ as well as a few specialist, like Vimeo and YouTube. I’ve not tried the other systems such as Firestick and Roku. For us, the biggest attraction is the integration with iCloud, meaning that all our music and media is also available on the TV. We can also stream directly from our phones and iPads too. 

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