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My Canon EOS R5 recording 8K video 50 minutes straight

Andrew Reid

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2 hours ago, zerocool22 said:

yeah which might also mean newer camera's are going to get shipped with a newer firmware version. So these first batches might be a unicorn. 

That's why I am holding off on updating my R5. Who knows, my second R5 might arrive soon, with FW 1.1 pre-installed.

Requirements for me to update from 1.0.0 is to have certainty on the following points:

1. Battery Pull still works as in 1.0.0, that means, all the time as in my 100+ minutes 8K test.

2. FAT32 formatted SD still works.

3. MP4 chunks and file system are still perfectly readable as in my test on 1.0.0

4. EF glass works as good or better as on 1.0.0. So no 'planned obsolescence' funny business.

5. Some points I am forgetting to mention.



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