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Android phone as 1080 HDMI monitor.

sam rides a mtb

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I was just testing a native Sony Imaging Edge App and I was surprised at how good the latency and the image resolution are on A7S3.

The problem is - there are ZERO tools for filmographers on it. Yes, you can actually tap to focus right on your phone screen, but that is it. 

No LUTs, No zebras, No peaking.. NOTHING. I mean even the tools that Sony already provide in camera, we are not talking about fancy things like false color, parade, waveforms, etc.. 

Another big problem - the image starts to lag as soon as you hit record. And another one - you are not able to preview recorded clips (why??)

If someone could make a 3rd party app that would solve that.. oh boy would that be awesome. I know there is an app that does this partially for iOS called FieldMonitor, but nothing for Android 😞

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I just use the Cineeye with my iPad for client monitor or Raveneye on RS2, they work really good, iPad screen is big and light vs monitor with battery, but i also have Mars 300 pro connect to Ninja V if needed.

My phone if used as the monitor the battery drain will be too much and if you charge often your phone's battery life gonna go down really quick, so I prefer to have dedicated tool for those.

Though I do have a dedicated iPhone just as monitor for my drone or dedicated line as livestream but I havent tried field monitor on it. The screen on it is not as good as my Samsung or IPad. 

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