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4K videos vs 1080p | aerial video | G6 / GM1 / A5000 / Nikon V3 / GH4


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I want to buy a camera for aerial video and photo.
I've thought about G6 or Nex 5r.

G6 is the best but it record 1080p. I also consider Nex becouse I want to take photo. ( 50%/50% photo/video )


More important - I am planning to go into 4k. I've got about 3000USD for camera.


There is a Sony FDR-AX100 which record 4K for 2000USD.
Problem? 4K bitrate in FRD-AX100 iss 60Mb...


Quite Low.


1. Is it better to buy FDR-AX100 despite of low bitrate / GH4 or it's better to buy now G6 or Nex and create 1080p video for next 6 months? | Go into to 4k now or wait?

2. What do you think of low bitrate in FDR-AX100?

3. Do you know any other 4K recording camera ( despite of BMDC 4K) that could be a good choice?  Only GH4? Other camcorders?


There is no weight limitation. ( up to 6kg )



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The Sony FDR-AX100 and the Panasonic GH-4 aren't even out yet.  If someone were to tell you how to spend your $3,000 what would they base that directive on?  A pamphlet?


You have to wait for those cameras to come out and be used and reviewed in a variety of situations before any decision can be made.  Unless you are really rich and don't care.

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The gh4 is coming and obviously for aerial stuff 4K is important (unless it's just some artsy stuff). But you haven't said anything about the way you want to shoot, if the flying device has no stabilization, how you are supposed to control the shooting,etc... I think you should ask on a forum where people work on aerial stuff.


Without knowing anything about what you want to do I would say go for the gh4, if you need something right now go for the g6. The Nex has very bad video, lineskipping is a no-go for fine detail and aerial stuff is all about detail.

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Brushless gimbal - perfect stabilisation in 3 axis. No remote shooting control - everything is set on the ground before each shot.
Just start recording, record, land, watch and copy. And repeat this process.

During recording i will have live preview - live streaming of video.


Currently i see that there isn't any black magic pocket 4k. So everything right now in price up to ~3000 USD with lens is:
Do you know anything else?

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Back to topic.
Up to 150m ( 300-500 feet )

I don't think that I will find any camera that will record 4k for up to 1000USD with lens in the nearest future... ( only gopro IV :P )

What do you think? Will they be any camera in this price?

Lets go back to reality. Before NAB, staying at 1080p - I've listed camera that I am interested in.


Looking for very portable camera with "very good" image ( photos ) and video quality.

What's important for me:
- Price - up to 1000 USD ( 750-800 EURO ) with lens
- Small size - my favorite is GM1, because I can travel with it without any bags. 1 lens with filter in first pocket and body in second pocket...
- Overall video and image quality
It would be great if the camera had live HDMI ( A5000 ).


G6 that I've used for a while was great but ... it wasn't that.

BMPC - price with lens + only video + no 4k.


Nikon V3
GM1 .. GM2 :P


What would you recommend? V3, GM1 or A5000.. or wait for NAB?


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What would you recommend? V3, GM1 or A5000.. or wait for NAB?


Your preferences, your timetables, your money, your decision.


Apart from the usual nerdy-nam-nam, ( a social need), I see very little point in recommending cameras that no one (V3) or hardly anyone (A5000) owns, let alone has had a chance to use for long enough a period yet. Especially in some specialist environment like aerial shooting. 


After NAB comes Photokina, and after that comes 2015 and CES, and the whole cycle starts spinning another round again. So buy a camera whenever you actually need one. If you don't need one, don't buy one yet. There'll always be a new better model after you've just bought yours.


Whichever camera you end up buying, you'll have to work around some shortcomings, anyway. Very few of us have cameras custom built for our particular needs and wishes. All those models mentioned are relatively small and lightweight, but are they good enough for your needs and your workflow is up to you.

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I've developed a slight interest for aerial shooting, too. Or at least floating action footage from unusual points of view, if not for pure drone/chopter shooting. For that I've been considering the new Sony HDR-AS100V action cam, which might be a reasonable compromise for 400€. A different compromise than a small CSC like the GM100 or even G6 for roughly the same price (body only). I'm in no hurry with 4K.


It does 60/50 Mb/s 1080p XAVC-S and 240fps slo-mo, it's small and weather sealed without a separate box and so on, albeit with only a 1/2,3 inch sensor, fixed wideangle lens and no manual settings á la HDSLR/CSC. But it still might be a cool toy and usable as a b or c camera, too. It might.


There's not much point in debating how good or bad a choice it actually is for each of us, because it's mostly a matter of personal preferences, and because the damn thing isn't even out on the shelves of the shops yet.

Since I've got no urgent need for one, I can wait. Not for a newer and shinier model from NAB, but for the actual need, along with some field test reports from sources that know what they're doing. So far there seem to be none. Hopefully there will be some usable reports soon-ish.

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