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Poor Olympus E M1 Mark III video specs


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9 hours ago, Dave Maze said:

Bringing life back to this thread. I use my mkiii daily. It’s my primary camera. Love it for hybrid shooting with those f1.2 primes. Still haven’t tried the new prores raw feature. Really incredible they added that. 

im just a bit scared for the future of the company. I really hope to see a new camera with updated specs like better EVF and newer sensor this year. We’ll see if the new owners handle it well. 

I agree. I am also hoping that they decide to step into the cinema market and offer something similar to the box cameras that are starting to proliferate the market. It would be an added bonus to include some of the technology that they are known for into these devices. And although different companies, maybe even continue with and improve on the MFT/S35 sensor system JVC introduced with its LS300. 

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I would be surprised if we see anything from JIP Olympus that wasn’t already developed or prototyped before Olympus sold to JIP. In a shrinking market inside a shrinking market (MFT camera market) I would be surprised they would invest anything.

Maybe Panasonic looking to partner could invest or buy off patents or licensing agreements from JIP? You know that certain AF technology. 

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I had moved on - m43 was more than enough for my amateur needs, but as an amateur (aka my gear do not bring me income), I could not have the luxury to sit on a inventory of 2 bodies, 10 lenses, 2 speedboosters, etc if m43 dies. And here in Brazil the exchange rate is soaring and now a lot of gear that I have could be sold with the same price (and sometimes above) that what I've paid, which is uncommon.

Hence, selling all my m43 gear, gone to Fuji. 

Second lesson - buying everything used, in good condition (all my m43 gear was bought new). Already got an X-T20 (with the intention to test if I like the system - was a sound YES), a 18-55mm f/2.8-4, a 35mm F2, a 50mm F2, everything is excellent shape (the 50 was virtually new), with prices about 60% of the new ones. On the way a 55-200mm pristine with HALF the price of a new one. Just need a Rokinon 12m f2 to mimic the m43 gear that was intended to keep.

Just one new piece of gear - a X-S10, arriving tomorrow, only because the lauch price was around 20% more than in the US (usually the difference here is around 50 to 60% more, sometimes 100%).

Already have two more bodies (an E-M10 III and a GX9) to move, and most of the lenses. In the end, will have a good profit in the operation.

But if I was not worried about the future, an E-M5 MK III would be perfect for me. In fact, if m43 goes wrong and the prices drop, probably will get one and some of the lenses back.

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So I guess I'm reviving this thread.

I want to say that I really hope Olympus continues to push its video capabilities. Sure, it's hard to beat Panasonic's established presence in the market and the maturity of their video features (waveforms, excellent audio-preamps, better LOG formats...etc.), but I still think there's a video market Panasonic hasn't quite captured: the adventure cinematographers. 

It's for people who want something a bit more serious than a GoPro but more durable than a regular mirrorless; it's like a GoPro and a mirrorless camera had a baby! Sorry GoPro, but you will always be the ultra-wide first-person stunt cam, and not much else. I might be able to strap you to my head carving my way down the slopes, but I can't capture the close-up detail of slower moving subjects. Your heavy Sony full-frame could record that beautiful sunrise blooming over a mountianscape, but you're really risking it with snow and subzero temperatures. It has unmatched weather sealing & ruggedness and is still ahead of Pana in the stabilization and especially autofocus departments. It's light, while the GH5/GH6 are still comparatively bulky. With no gimbal needed, it has the potential to be the premium run-n-gun outdoor camera brand. We just need some better LOG formats and graph monitoring-tool. 


Apparently the EM1-iii and the OM-1 have 12-bit external RAW... which is surprising. Not sure how 12-bit RAW is different from 10-bit 4:2:2. Sounds like it could be more work in post. It'd be great if they could add 10-bit 4:2:2 among other shooting modes for smoother workflows. I feel like a lot of the Lumix video features could be implemented into Olympus cameras to make them more competitive. 



oh look they have both have focus peaking. and the OM-1 has zebras. Nice. Now add waveforms please. That alone might make me comfortable enough to ditch Lumix as my M4/3 b-cam. 

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