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Matias Goinheix

4k frenzy and BMPCC

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This thread may not be about BMPCC vs. GH4, but that it is exactly my interest. What are you opinions on the quality of 1080P output that you could get with each option? What's at stake is a BMPCC 1080P RAW vs. whatever internal codec options GH4 has.


How's the dynamic range and colour you can get with each?


Note that I left out the external recorder option for GH4, I'd have no interest in buying such a thing.

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This is comparing apples with oranges. On paper, both may have a similar DR. Colors? With BMPCC, that's completely limited by your ability to grade, and beware, few people can grade. I thought I could, having used Apples Color for years, though admittedly only with usual DSLR footage where you essentially enhance something that's otherwise pre-defined.


With ProRes (imo the wiser choice for the Pocket) and especially with raw you start with NOTHING. That's why you sooner or later become friends with LUTs. If you apply a LUT and on top of that perform a normal correction, it's practically as if you had dialed a DSLR preset like landscape or baby.


A really good colorist will get the most out of the Pocket, good colors. A not-so-good colorist will do better by enhancing some pre-defined GH4 setting. Please, don't expect too much of flat picture styles with 8-bit. That's really neither fish nor fowl.


The french review above says it: BM footage is easier to grade, but you must grade it. With the Shogun, you could perhaps get the best solution.

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