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  1. I would recommend not to worry too much about future-proofing. Whatever you buy will be somewhat outdated in two years, and mostly obsolete in five. You'll need to know what you need in the near future, and buy that.
  2. Ari

    GH5 HDR timelapse?

    It seems GH5 can shoot once per second (timelapse / stop motion), and three exposures per shot (HDR), but can it do both at the same time? I'd like to configure it to take three shots at different exposures, every one second.. I was trying the menus, and I could not figure out if it's supposed to work or not.
  3. I'm awfully sorry, but all my tests above are flawed. I had the HOYA SUPER HMC PRO(1) SKYLIGHT(B) filter on, and it causes some additional vignetting. I'll see when I could do another round of tests for publishing.. The LENS HOOD that comes with the lens vignettes more, so that is useless. I was planning to get a set of 82mm ND filters, and use those with a step-up ring, but I seriously doubt that now. Maybe I should get 10cm square filters, but I have no experience with those. Suggestions?
  4. OK, I made one more test with the tokina 11-16mm. The shots are not labelled, but they are in order 11,12,13,14,15,16mm as written on the lens, with image stabilizer, and 6k anamorphic. The 13mm does not show any vignetting, except for a very short time in upper right corner when panning.
  5. I tried the 6K anamorphic a bit more at different focal lengths. 14mm marker looked pretty safe from vignetting, but 13mm had a bit of dark corners. I'm not sure what my use case for this would be..
  6. Ok, here you go, 11-16mm tokina lens at 11mm, and several options: 6K anamorphic 24p 4992x3744 - stabilizer off - stabilizer ‘hand’ C4K all-i 24p 4096x2160 - stabilizer off - stabilizer ‘hand’ - stabilizer ‘hand’ + e-stabilization (video) 4K all-i 24p 3840x2160 - stabilizer off - stabilizer ‘hand’ - stabilizer ‘hand’ + e-stabilization (video) https://youtu.be/Al-FkHgO6Ik How do I make it show the player? Ah..
  7. I went out and shot some impressingly boring test footage with the tokina 11-18 that also included sky. I used different settings, these affect the vignetting of it. I'll publish it later today, now I gotta run..
  8. I also have the speedbooster xl and tokina 11-16, and gh5. The corners vignette in 16:9 in 11mm, by 12mm it's away. If you'd crop to 2.35:1, it doesn't vignette at 11mm. Yes, I'm thinking of doing 2.35:1 with cropping. From 4K the quality should be satisfactory.
  9. Just for the heck of it I tried recording of 4K ALL-I 400MBps 25p on this (128 GB card), and it seems to be working. I recorded 4+ minutes, and stopped as it seemed to work, and again a couple of minutes just to be sure I didn't make a mistake. I don't at this moment have time to check how long it works..
  10. I bought one of these when I bought GH5 in the summer, and it should be good enough for 1080p all-i. (I'll stick to 1080p for a while.)
  11. I've done some testing now, and at 11mm the corners are dark/black, but this goes away before zooming to 12mm (as written on the lens), in normal 16:9 video mode. There's also problem with the infinity focus with this 11-16mm. I could adjust the speedbooster, but then what would happen with the Canon lenses that don't appear to have this problem? They can't focus close anymore? I currently don't want to try this because I can still return this item. Another problem that I found is that with the EF 24-105mm f4L IS, and speedbooster, neither image stabilizer seems to work properly. I used the instructions on speedbooster site, and put the lens's switch in correct position before turning it on. However, if I try to use the lens's stabilizer, or the body stabilizer, I get really bad jitters from the IS. It feels like vibration in my hands, and the image shakes. There's no such problem with the 70-200mm f4L/IS. It feels like the 24-105mm does not connect really tight with the speedbooster, and if it moves a bit relative to the speedbooster, the IS shakes.
  12. Thanks for an interesting discussion, this link in particular was very helpful: https://prolost.com/blog/rawvslog I've done a lot of RAW still shooting earlier, and I haven't yet tried GH5's V-LOG, but one thing that I could not find information about is what actually are things like Cinelike D, or just any setting like 'Normal'? I know what they look like, and any link that I find with google just compares the look, not what is behind all that.
  13. FCPX was actually fast. I tried Resolve with the same 13-inch MBP from 2012, and importing a 4K 8-bit file took over 20 minutes, or rather making the optimized version took the time. Exporting 1080p took less than 20 minutes. Oh yes, the clip was 45 seconds long. Handling 1080P was faster, not surprisingly. On a positive note, I think Resolve's UI makes a lot more sense, and it seems to have more functionality. And it somewhat works with sub-par hardware.
  14. I'm doing some testing of GH5 4K video handling with FCPX trial on a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), SSD disk, 16 GB RAM. The positive side is that it imported 4K 10-bit video nicely, transcoded to prores HQ, and can export to full HD. The negative sides, well, it's kinda slow . Also, I have no 4K display right now.
  15. Hi, Is this combination going to cause big problems in the image corners? If yes, can I get rid of them by using the extra tele conversion? The reason I'm asking is that I'm getting a GH5, and I mostly have full frame EF lenses; this is the only non- full frame lens. Thanks, Ari
  16. The A7S rolling shutter seems OK as long as you don't wave the camera around, or shoot subway trains. It would of course depend on your requirements. For me the cost is a bit too much for the envisioned usage, especially if I'd want 4K.
  17. Ari

    GH4 to get Log

    If you say so, gelaxstudio, but I personally have never tried these kinds of curves, and I wouldn't know what you can or cannot do with them. So for me it would be useful to see how much you can do with a cinelike profile. With my still cameras I alway s shoot RAW. BTW, I'll probably end up getting a GH4, but for now at least they are very hard to obtain and out of stock everywhere locally.
  18. The French guy also made an interesting BMPC vs. BMPCC comparison. (Oh, these acronyms suck.)
  19. Oh, but this one's excellent for that purpose as well. I need to look at this several times. ;)
  20. This thread may not be about BMPCC vs. GH4, but that it is exactly my interest. What are you opinions on the quality of 1080P output that you could get with each option? What's at stake is a BMPCC 1080P RAW vs. whatever internal codec options GH4 has. How's the dynamic range and colour you can get with each? Note that I left out the external recorder option for GH4, I'd have no interest in buying such a thing.
  21. Ari

    Great GH4 overview

    So XAVC-S is just H.264? I would buy the GH4 straight away if the 'promised' speed booster for attaching Canon EF lenses would be available, but there's no such thing in sight. I still might buy it, but this means starting to re-shuffle lenses. Oh, the agony.
  22. I would be fine with a camera that has 20 stops of dynamic range, no need to have 30 stops. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_range :P
  23. What's the quality of GH4 like at 1920x1080 at 50P or 60P? This 96fps doesn't look that great.. I would prefer to see controlled experiments showing the differences between 4096x2160 24p, 1920x1080 60p, 96 fps in different lighting conditions. For example direct sunlight with some action in the scene: skateboarding, etc. Maybe some reasonable moving of the camera, as compared to furious waving.. This could show effects of rolling shutter, dynamic range, line skipping..
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