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RED respond to Apple in compressed RAW patent battle

Andrew Reid

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7 hours ago, Shaocaholica said:

They can still make cameras and accessories but outside of the patent dispute they still have a massive brand image issue.

REd hasn't been cool... for what?  the last 10 years?  If they lose this patent, they are done.  They don't have a niche to sell cameras too and they aren't broad enough (or cheap) enough for the general audience.  Maybe this is also why sony mirrorless cameras (A7siii perhaps, etc.) don't do RAW?  100% RAW uses too much data and compress RAW is patent encumbered by RED?  BRAW is not patent encumbered because the camera itself uses specialized data processing IN THE CAMERA to prepare for compression if the user wants it.  For sony to do the same thing, it would have to redesign their cameras and then they are using Blackmagics patents.


DAMN IT, RED.  They have a patent for video compression in camera for anything over 2k REGARDLESS if the algorithm is similar to RED's or not???!!?!?!!  They should never have been awarded that patent.  It's like saying you can compress any computer file over 2gigs, but than you have to pay someone because they own the patent to compressing computer files over 2gigs.. Ridiculous. 


edit: nevermind, I just saw the Jinni.Tech youtube video.  Stick a fork in it.. yeah, if they lose this patent, they are done.

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7 hours ago, Lars Steenhoff said:

Red does not need a patent to make the cameras.  so there will be no problem for red if they lose the patent, they can keep on making the same camera as they did before.

And they can keep making money.

Part of RED's justification in overpriced cameras is that RedCode development cost were so high and that RED is the only company that could provide RAW.  It kinda puts a big dent in RED's business model and price structure. 

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