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  1. Yes that is one outcome. But say Apple turns really greedy over lord and adds 3 zeros to what ever RED is charging. As the compressed raw market then would be open, one by one would move away from Apples PRRaw as they could not afford it. Because Apple would be over charging on an open market with many other solutions. Both free and proprietary ones. Apple have nothing at all to benefit from that. Today all the options we have are all neutered one way or another. With one greedy over lord. Is that a better situation?
  2. As of now REDs loose patent is blocking an industry from going ahead with their own compressed RAW solution. If the patent falls, everyone in the industry will be able to move ahead with their compressed RAW solution of choice. Apples codec - although a heavy force - is only being one of many.
  3. As I'm intrigued by all this I felt the need to register and take part in it. Nikon India is trying to say something. https://nikonrumors.com/2019/08/16/new-nikon-india-video-teaser-nikon-has-something-exciting-for-videographers-and-filmmakers-a-revolution-is-coming.aspx/
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