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Panasonic S1R Pixel Shift beats Fuji GFX 100

Andrew Reid

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DPReview say the GFX 100 is giving the best image they've ever tested...

I'd say the S1R does even better in Pixel Shift mode

https://***URL removed***/news/6009498706/fujifilm-gfx100-sets-new-benchmark-in-our-studio-scene

Impressive stuff from Panasonic to better the resolving power of 100 megapixel medium format.


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To be honest, thinking about it it shows how excellent the GF lenses are. The panasonic not only is a 188MP image, it's a a 188MP RGB image with every pixel having all the information for red, green and blue. That the Fuji is as close as it is, is a statement to it's quality. 
If the rumors are true and the GFX gets multi shot as well, I can't imagine what the quality will be like. Dpreview probably has to reprint it's target at a higher resolution ?

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