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shooting with an oval aperture taking lens and an Iscorama36


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I wanted to shoot a few shots using the 'Rama in partnership with an oval aperture - as has been discussed in recent topics here.  






So we have a sony nex5n, sped booster, 2x f3.5 oval aperture on 58mm, and 1.5x squeeze from the iscorama (with 3.5ft close focus mod).  the result is a 2.5x oval bokeh which is rather pleasing indeed.



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It seems like the Iscos are the hot subject of the week! hahaha

Many threads featuring them recently.


I like the bokeh, but I believe it would be more noticeable at night time... Also, i felt the clip to flat, almost as a "cinestyle thing", which didn't please much.


The last shot though, is brilliant. It's a timelapse, right? The guy's movements are extremely awkward and this added to the cemetery surrounding makes him like a ghost AND a zombie at the same time. hahahaha. If it's not timelapse, then maybe you should be careful around this buddy! hehehehe

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Rich, when I originally read the ASC Magazine article on Killing Them Softly I thought immediately of the FF58 when the article gets to the discussion of their acquiring Panavision's HS50, that special lens that was used for some of the extremely dreamy segments.  It's shown to its greatest effect in that sublime slow-motion shot of Brad Pitt walking through the street with all the fireworks and sparklers going off.






...I'm re-reading it and it made me think of this topic (since you didn't chime in on the other topic here related to the film) that in addition to modifying the optics to exaggerate the background falloff they purposely exaggerated the extremity of its elongated bokeh.  Neat.  

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