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The EOSHD 50D Raw Shooter's Guide


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Just wanted to start a thread (sorry if it already exists) about Andrew's fantastic EOSHD 50D Raw Shooters guide.  I'm here to tell you that if you have a 50D, or the budget to buy one, I got mine to work in a couple of hours (bought it, with lens, for $500 on Craigslist).  And the workflow is surprisingly EASY!  (if you don't need the highest quality conversion).


First here's my first 50D Raw footage.  Everyone is so used to the video look they no longer realize how harsh it is.  Finally, I've shot video that have the natural film look!  I can't tell you how excited I am.




First, I ignored all the high-end stuff Andrew covers and focused on the simplest workflow.  I got the impression from the manual that I'd have thousands of individual images.  Wrong, the output is a single name.RAW file.  Second, I figured I'd have to do multiple steps to convert that RAW file into something I could edit in Sony Vegas Studio.  Wrong.  I already have Go Pro Studio Fee.  After putting the Raw2GPCF in the right directory and configuring RAWanizer for it, I was able to convert the RAW file to Cineform 422 in maybe a minute.  It's really fast.  Lastly, I installed the Cineform codec and now the video plays in media player and I was able to edit it above in Vegas Studio.


On my own, it would have taken me a few solid days to get this thing going.  Many of the tools are buried in forums, which Andrew provides links to.  


I also suspect that this workflow is easier on PC than Mac.  


I was surprised at how many 50Ds were on Craigslist.  I get the impression that when Andrew wrote this manual he thought they'd fly out of the closets.  If he comes out with a second edition of his manual that focuses on the first time user (I'm a computer expert, so I understood his shorthand) I do believe he'll find himself with too many friends.


Finally, a lot of people seem unsure of RAW video.  I believe many reviewers focus on the second-most-important benefit, dynamic range.  The first benefit is skin color and tone.  We're so accustomed to the video look we don't realize how poorly the face displays in most video formats.  In the above video, it was dusk.  That IS HOW my wife looked.  There is no amount of editing, I believe, that could have converted the AVCHD video to look like it did in real life.  Again, just freakin amazing!  

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Your wife looks scared :)


I'm not a big fan of the ML Raw, but indeed 50D pushes very good images.

Anyway i like the G6 most (but shadows looks a bit too crunchy to me), easy and fast workflow, and very amazing results.

What lens did you use?

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I used the G6 with the 14mm Pancake.  Just wanted a quick comparison.  Yes, I agree, the G6 (which can be bought cheap) is really, really nice.  I write more about it at maxotics.com.  In the article I post a link to a guy who did a bunch of comparisons of MFT cameras. You might find that interesting. In fact, I've been comparing the G6 against my expensive D600 setup and can't see how I'd keep the D600 for video (great photo camera, of course).  When you say you're not a big fan of ML Raw, what do you like, suggest (short of the 5D MkIII)?

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Day 2.  Checked to see if 50D syncs with sound.  It does, easily.  A small test against D600 indoors.  Am I missing something?  I underexposed D600, not on purpose, but can't get it good.  Raw footage responds really well to tweaking.  I stink as grading.  So please be kind ;)


Then took it outdoors.  Took a bunch of clips.  Had zero problems.  The exposure changes during some shots, because I didn't understand some of the ML settings. Anyway, RAWnizer quickly converted all clips to Cineform 422.  



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Day 3, I started to cool on the 50D footage stuff.  The G5 footage is so nice.  So I set up a situation, later in the video, where I purposely tried to tone down the contrast on the AVCHD footage to match the 50D footage.  I couldn't do it.  I just love that film look of the 50D, and I'm going straight to Cineform 422.  I have a lot to learn about grading.  The Magic Lantern hasn't dropped a frame yet.  Conversion is very easy.  I'm back on the Honeymoon!



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