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some clarification about gh5 and a73

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Reading around forum to understand which could be my camera (xt3 also is incliuded) i come across some really contarstant opininons regarding sony and panaAbout GH5, wheter is known to be not that good at low iso, i read sometimes that even at 400 iso the camera pproduce bad footage, almost unusable. Is that true?

About Sony..well half of th epeople say is the bet, oter say is the worst...grat color scienze/horrible color science good overall lexperience/lots of trouble...and so on. What is your experience with that?


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+1 for what @UncleBobsPhotography said.

There are differences between the cameras for sure, and each has strengths and weaknesses.  For example the a73 has great low-light, is FF (which some care about), but Sony is 8-bit in-camera and lenses are quite expensive and although there aren't that many third party lenses, there are fast zooms available (24-70/2.8 etc).  The GH5 isn't as good in low-light, and doesn't have fast zooms available (the 12-35/2.8 is equivalent to a 24-70/5.6 lens on FF so it's not a fast zoom), but it has 10-bit internal, a 5K h265 anamorphic mode that can de-squeeze in-camera, and there are is a large array of native and third party lenses.

I don't know as much about the XT3 but it also has an excellent reputation, having great colour IIRC, so you are right to consider it.

People saying a camera is 'unusable' or 'terrible' have lost any rational perspective, or never had any in the first place.  

My advice is to work out what features you are looking for in a camera, and then rank them into features your camera Must Have, Should Have, and Could Have.  Then watch a bunch of reviews and rate each camera against the features you identified, then have a look at which one has more Must Have features, and take price into account and see where that lands you.  Don't forget to consider the entire rig as well: lenses, media, spare batteries, battery grips, chargers, computer to edit footage (h265 from GH5 is very difficult to edit), bitrate and therefore file sizes and the HDD space to store the footage, etc...

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Lots of people dislike Sony color, though HLG is kind of a work around you can use. An issue with Sony is it uses heavy noise reduction past 1600 iso that causes ghosting and soft mushy skin tones. Gh5 is very usable up to 3200 iso. However its going to have noise at 1600 iso and up. Its pretty pleasant noise at least up to 3200 iso, but its there. 

If you are one of those people that obsess over noise I'd definitely recommend the Nikon Z6, A7S2, or Pana S1. Just have to decide what system to invest in. The A73 is also great if you want the latest auto focus, just keep in mind the noise reduction issues it has(may not even be noticeable to you). 

I find the XT3 is a great inbetween full frame and M43. Its hard to beat its internal 10 bit recording at up to 400mbps as well as 4k 60p. 

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