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    • By Santi Deva
      For all the slow motion parts I used the RX100 mk4. For the 25fps parts I used a Canon 5D mk2 with prime lenses.
    • By Brett Stark
      Hi - 
      I am v. basic photographer but want to learn...mostly travel/family etc...Would love to get a bit more serious and learn about video etc.
      So...I currently have a Pana LX5 which I find generally nice. 
      I was going to upgrade to the RX100 II to get really great shots in a compact form for again, travel/family etc.
      My first question is on a slightly different tangent...I am looking at non fixed lens cameras..And came down to NEX 6 vs Pana G6. Both seem to get pretty good universal reviews.
      I guess on this forum most people would recommend the G6 for better video?
      If am pretty keen on small form..Would the NEx6 be OK/nearly as good but with the better/smaller form?
      And if the answer is the NEX6 would likely be pretty good for me. I wonder if I shouldn't get the RX100 II and just step straight to the NEX6.
      NEX 6 with a lens vs RX100 II is almost the same price on Amazon in the US.
      Any advice/thoughts appreciated.
    • By Rungunshoot
      I know everyone's flipping out about RAW right now, but I thought I would submit my latest real-world work: MTV True Life, I'm Starting a Business with Friends.  I shot this whole episode on Sony Rx100's.   I wrote a detailed blog post about my shooting and editing techniques. Will post a link to video as soon as MTV releases it.  Until then, enjoy the blog!
    • By mschaa
      Thanks to Andrew...his review made me buy the RX100...i am very happy with it!
      So now i would like the settings to match the GH3 with moderate flat settings for filming.
      Has anybody tried this out?
      What are your settings so that in post it is not too hard to match them?
      I am talking of film settings here...contrast, sharpness, filmtype etc.
    • By Mário Chan
      A simple idea: dance a Mazurca in some places of our trip to Morocco. 
      Recorded with a Sony RX100
      Music by AmoRRomA
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