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Dipping my toes into the lighting department. I bought a cheap wifi dimmable mirrabella led bulb. Then found out i needed a wifi controller for it. So maybe not so cheap. Payed jaycar a visit, picked up  one of their powertech 4 way smart wifi powerboards. it also has provision for two usb outputs which could be advantageous later on i'm thinking.

Had an issue getting everything playing together nicely, however that could be a slow internet out here i'm thinking. Took half a dozen attempts to get the first bulb working, i have since bought another lighting mount, and bulb and got it working, only took   3 attempts this time. To be honest i dont think i did anything any different.

This wifi stuff is about as close to magic as one can get, i expect 🤔

With two bulbs you need add two instances or one  button for each light, inside the mirrabella phone app and you  switch buttons to make changes to either light, its not too tedious.  

The led bulbs are 9 watts, not a lot i guess but hopefully enough to either help light a background or shoot some product videos perhaps. Some very quick testing indicated if i use the bmp4k i need to set the shutter  to 1/50 to avoid flicker or banding. The mounts came with 150 watt bulbs. So i'm thinking i can swap out the bulbs if i want more light. i do have some rather large reflectors that could also be adapted to control the light but that's another project later on. The cat also seems to dig the orange, teal look. 😉





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i thought i would chronicle my adventures with a black magic p4k. also i didn't want to pollute the other bmp4k threads any further. so here we are,  had the camera 3 days now first afternoon unb

the jury has decided, however its a 2 pocket job one for the p4k the other pocket for the lens. but thats bare bones had to take the quick release base plate and the lens off

Put in a session with the p4k and the lomo 40mm and elmoscope this afternoon.  the lomo fits inside the clamp housing and slides in nearly 10mm, no vignetting with it at either up against the elmo or

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Just for giggles, i set up the gopro 9 on the mavic 2 pro. I have seen some videos of the mavics lifting stuff and wondered how they'd handle something mounted on top. Surprisingly well actually, didn't seem to be any tendency to tip. Although i flew it slowly to be safe. I think further testing is warranted, however i'll be ditching the mic and cabling as that was a bit of stunt for the camera.  I reckon if i mount the camera backwards i can get some for and aft shots that might give an interesting perspective.

I did flatten a battery getting it up in the air. First off  the mount attachment and strap that secures it is fiddly to install, more practice may help solve that. Then i had sensor problems i think maybe the mavic sensor was picking up the gopro, so i turned them all off, then had magnetic interference issues perhaps i was to close to the house, trying to keep in the shade. In the end had to turn drone, controller and phone on and off three times. 


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Nearly a week ago I joined the 4k viewing universe. Lashed out on a sony bravia 4k tv. Having a bmd p4k and not being able view all that goodness is just wrong. Well that's how i justified the purchase 😉 It may or may not be the best 4k viewing tool out there. However the local store had one in stock at a price i was happy enough with, so it came home with me.

Was actually there to get a gps for my mom as  dad had to head down to the big smoke  for a medical procedure, which ended up going well. Been eyeing of this particular model for 6 months or more. Till now a combination of no stock and or no funds has prevented me from acquiring one.

Pretty impressed with a 4k picture so far, although at the moment it does sit at the back of my desk, so my eyeballs are less than three feet away from it lol. I downloaded the first bm p4k short i could find which happened to be bubbles shot in 4k which looked really nice but then the model is quite pretty which probably helps lol. I'd like to find that picnic in romania short again and watch it in 4k. I thought that was almost sublime and probably what made me a happy chappy, that i preordered the p4k. 

I got the 4k display with the intent of using it to force me to pick up the bmp4k again its kinda been languishing on the desk, the mavic 2 pro and gopro 9, not to forget the olympus e-m10 have all been getting the love. Having said that all the above, do 4k as well although i can only do 4k timelapses with the Olympus.  but thats ok, its all part of the plan.  

I did watch a dvd from the laptop thought the 4k display last night and to be honest i thought it was a bit soft. Not sure i'll be getting a blueray or 4k player, been pretty happy watching DVDs on a hd display till now. With youtube, it really is unwatchable at lower resolutions. Not that i am complaining, i did buy it to do 4k. I thought it was a good idea to throw all sorts of resolutions at it, to get an appreciation of what i like and do not like. 

I probably won't be watching a lot of tv on it, Most channels are 575 lines, there's a couple of  1080 hd channels and that's it. The internet is too slow to watch stuff on sadly and i can't see that changing any time soon. So for the most part, it may be doing duty as one big editing monitor.  We'll see how it all develops. 



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