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i thought i would chronicle my adventures with a black magic p4k. also i didn't want to pollute the other bmp4k threads any further. so here we are,  had the camera 3 days now first afternoon unb

the jury has decided, however its a 2 pocket job one for the p4k the other pocket for the lens. but thats bare bones had to take the quick release base plate and the lens off

Put in a session with the p4k and the lomo 40mm and elmoscope this afternoon.  the lomo fits inside the clamp housing and slides in nearly 10mm, no vignetting with it at either up against the elmo or

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If canon own the camera cripple hammer title, then Fastway couriers own the courier service that don't deliver title.  I have had  2 lenses come from russia  1 from ukraine  a single focus solution from the united states, 7 or 8 lenses from japan and a drone from china, no problems what so ever. Buy something in australia and i cross my fingers and prey to almighty God above that they dont use fastway couriers. now if it had happened once i could understand you saying, ease up mate its only a parcel. Nay say i, not once, not twice, not even thrice, but almost 6 times,  i have had the  misfortune of dealing with fastway. But we'll get to that 6th shortly.

first time i was lucky that i got it delivered... eventually to the local newsagent who are part of a parcel service. Second time i had a two hour drive up to their depot, thats a four hour round trip. third time after some detective work and some begging i got it delivered to another local parcel service in town.  4th time i bought a neewer camera slider of ebay from Melbourne it made it as far as sydney before getting sent back to melbourne. Nobody gets in touch via email or phone and says hey mate there's an issue here. this isn't rocket science. I did ten years as a truck driver, the phone number is on the side of the parcel or delivery sheet somewhere.  

5th time, i found the same neewer camera slider on amazon and it was $30 cheaper, you little beauty i thought, lets get that one. Guess who they used as a courier 😭, tracking today showed it was being returned to sender. i rang the Toowoomba depot  to check. her exact words they don't service my area, i asked if they could hold it at the depot till i could pick it up, hey, what's a four hour round drive between friends 🙄 no can't do that they dont service my area and she was quite adamant about that.  

6th time or almost 6th time. Bought some drone batteries from phaserfpv.com  yesterday. Big shout out and thank you to the kind soul at phaserfpv.com who actually did some homework and caught the mistake and rang before they sent it to fastway, the drone batteries are now on their way via aus post.  End of rant !!

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Some time ago noone was asking about long lenses. As it turned out i'd just received a canon fd 500mm mirror lens a few days before. While its its taken some time to find some traction, i finally made some progress with a base for the whole contraption. The chinese fd to mft adapter has a more than tolerable amount of play inbuilt. To remedy that i spent the morning measuring and drilling and  more measuring. Surprisingly  it all fitted together and adds a nice amount of rigidity, No more play.  probably due more to good luck than good management.  😉

i added a bubble level i had lying around as the tripod levels are tiny dam things 🙄 Its a bit oversize yet and i have to add the samsung t5 drive to it yet plus i plan on adding a stepper motor for focusing so its an ongoing project. Its useable now, so looking for interesting subjects to video.




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Been playing with the mavic 2 pro a bit. Had the gopro 6 attached and did a short test flight while filming from the gopro. I did have a connection issue between radio and drone. I could control the drone but after taking off i could not land it so basically had the drone hovering  600mm of the ground waiting for the battery to go flat. A little after it hit 1% it landed and powered down.  A bit nerve  racking at the time but I have flown it since and its been all right. Added a hard case for travel in the car. Spent some time making sure everything fitted nicely.



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A new addition has joined the family. Mindful of the safety first rule. Got it for the bargain price of $400 new from harvey norman, since their discontinued i guess their trying to get rid of them. Most places seem to be $700 or more. its a mark ii which i am happy about as its the last one that has the remote cable port.

I do like the silver black look, quite retro. down side is its plastic and if i push on it the plastic clicks one one place but then it weighs next to nothing. Which will be a bonus. Its quite tiny. I dont seem to have any trouble with my fingers and button placement given its size. Ordered a cable remote  to fit in with some plans i have. More to come.





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first two photos are the 24mm takumar running through a viltrox speedbooster

the next 2 are the pentax 85mm 1.9 through the viltox as well. the last is a crop of the third which shows some glow and c,a i think, could be the speedbooster contributing not sure at this point more tests to sort it out later. The other option is to close it down a little. 






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Some idiot Didn't add a tripod socket to the p4k base. Well it was more of a case of not having a 1/4  tap, remedied that on saterday. Ready to go now. The moon should be up later tonight i hope to shoot some footage with the 500 mirror and the p4k.  




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First test with the p4k and the 500mm mirror. Static shots are the way to go at the moment it seems. Even then it it doesn't take much to jump around. To be expected i guess, Still a new tripod head and or tripod may help remedy that i hope. It was a rainy overcast day which kinda dictated how things developed.  I did discharge a battery, taking footage of the water drops.  those droplets are quite tenacious, they can sit for quite awhile  before dropping. Thirty seconds of some plants in the rain if your bold 



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i do have to amend a statement i made earlier. The specs for the  em10 mark ii does indeed say it has magnesium alloy, i guess that just the chassis  as if it were the outer housing i wouldn't be able to press on it and make a clicking noise. 🙄  It is still pretty damn light either way. Looking for a small camera bag to suit as the best camera to use is the one you have with you.

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