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GH5 excess noise in black areas

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Yeah that looks like lens chromatic aberration. There isn't a ton that you can do about it, other than trying out different lenses. I've found Sigma lenses, both native and adapted, to have very little CA. On the other end, a lot of my vintage lenses have some of the worst though they have that ever elusive "character" to them that make up for it, in my eyes. 

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Just reading an article on lowepost about colour grading for Peaky Blinders and they had this to say:


George Steel and Simon Dennis, the DOP on series 2, shot everything so there was always atmosphere and a nice amount of texture and a slight noise in the lower end. I think this worked beautifully for this project and served the film/print ideas we had and the references we looked at. 

Link is behind a paywall, but here it is if you're a member: https://lowepost.com/color-grading/case-studies/peaky-blinders-r9/

One of the things I like about the GH5 is that it has a bit of grain and it looks like film, rather than looking artificial.  Obviously it depends on what look you're going for, but if you want a super-clean modern look then you need to be carefully lighting your scene so that there aren't any bright highlights and then using ETTR and then doing heavy grading in post.

Alternatively you could just apply some noise reduction in post and clean it up that way.

$2k for a GH5 is a lot of money, but in video camera terms, it's not even the price of a single high-quality lens, so you have to manage your expectations :)

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