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Rarevision RAWMagic for 5D Mark III - batch Cinema DNG converter for Mac!

Andrew Reid

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Rarevision are the creators of 5DToRGB, and developer Thomas Worth has today released an early beta version of their converter for 5D Mark III raw files on the Mac.

[url=http://www.eoshd.com/content/10558/rarevision-rawmagic-for-5d-mark-iii-batch-cinema-dng-converter-for-mac]Read the full article here[/url]
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How about cutting Cinema DNG files in Premiere? Feasible with this workflow?


The problem is Premiere. It doesn't support Cinema DNG to a high enough standard to be feasible. The results aren't pretty! This is really strange as After Effects has no such problem and Adobe Camera Raw delivers excellent debayering quality, with plenty of features. Even stranger when you consider DNG is an Adobe technology.


Resolve the way to go for now. Just make sure you have CUDA for smooth performance. GTX 560 Ti or higher.

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This app is f-ing GREAT! Fast transcodes (feels about like the old 5DtoRGB, actually, or maybe even a bit faster) and once inside Resolve, I'm getting realtime playback on my mk2 footage! It's so far above and beyond the experience in AE or Lightroom that I'm positively giddy.


With this workflow in place, the ML raw hack definitely moved up several notches in terms of things I'd consider shooting paid work on. Awesome.


My GPU's a GTX 660 Ti 2GB, by the way. Running on an 8-core Mac Pro from 2008 :D

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While Cinema DNG plays in real-time in Resolve (MacPro 12-core and Quadro 5000), and it's a little over 2x faster to transcode to DNxHD (for editing in PPro), ACR + AE looks much better due to higher quality de-Bayering and noise reduction (no NR for R9 lite?).


Played with R9's tracker today (for Power Window correction)- very fast and very cool...

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I wonder it could be possible to make conversion in the camera itself. Of course not when recording, but as a part of ML as menu option. For example - we have two cards CF and SD on CF we have "Raw" raw files and to SD we convert to cinema DNG or even better Cineform 10:1 comperssed RAW. That kind of workflow could give us 3 things: 

1. Backup on second card (still in very good quality)

2. One step less in our workflow (we could copy dng or cineform without the "raw" raw files)
3. If cuneiform could be implemented the we have some kind of good quality proxies that could be used faster and easier on our NLE


What do you think about this?


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I just used beta 1 of this and it worked flawlessly! Very fast and outputs files perfectly for Resolve. Here's a sample of footage shot on a T3i at 1088x608 and converted using RAWMagic. I can't imagine a better workflow for grading raw footage (other than recording directly to CinemaDNG). The output of this seems to be 1.15x the file size of the .raw input.

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Conversion is fast.  However I have a problem like some other users, that Resolve has a problem with detail shadow areas resulting in pink/magenta cast.  Not sure if this is RAWMagic or Resolve.  In ACR/After Effects, there is no problem.


Here is my video from this weekend using RAWMagic v1.0 beta 3 and Resolve:



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For those of you who are new to Magic Lantern and are not very adept at the command line, here's a tutorial on how to merge ML RAW files without having to use the command line. This tutorial was created for the Mac, but it will also work in Windows. You'll need a hex editor and of course, a DNG extractor Utility like raw2dng, RAWMagic or raw2cdng.
Hex Fiend Hex editor for Macintosh
HxD Hex editor for Windows 
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