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What you can do with a Panasonic G7

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Levi Allen, who is freelance filmmaker and a solo adventure documentary maker, has made a bunch of high quality films and made a great BTS video talking about production and equipment and various other things.

This series is about people walking slack-lines (the alternative to tight-ropes!) and there's some pretty crazy content.  Here are the first five episodes, which IMHO are just spectacular:





and here is the BTS where he talks about the equipment he used (watch the above before the BTS because it's got heaps of spoilers)

Highlights include:

  • Almost everything shot with the Panasonic G7 in Cine-D
  • He got the Sony A6300 for slow-motion and he thought the AF would mean he could ask others for help as second shooters, but the screen was so rubbish in daylight and it kept overheating that it wasn't much use
  • He shot 4K because he wanted to sell it for more
  • A few shots (mainly the time lapses?) were shot on the A7S but because it wasn't 4K it didn't get used much
  • Drone was Phantom 3 Pro in the Natural profile
  • Rode Video Mic Pro for run-n-gun
  • Rode NTG-3 for interviews
  • Kessler crane motorised slider
  • He used MF primes, mainly the Rokinon 35mm MF
  • He used shots from his iPhone because they were needed for the story

Other interesting thoughts:

  • He now owns a GH5 and shoots everything in 60p now so he has flexibility to slow things down in post
  • He worked out the profiles to use in his cameras by doing a bunch of camera tests and looking at the output and choosing the settings 
  • He hates PP "Premier Pro is garbage" and edits in FCPX, and "if I was working on just films I would probably be editing in Resolve, but because of my internet workflow and things like that I've been editing exclusively in Final Cut and it's made my doc work amazing"

He also then gives a commentary of Episode 4 talking about storytelling and creative aspects, production challenges and being a solo shooter and BTS, as well as equipment.  There's a ton of great info in there so I'd encourage you to watch the full BTS for more.

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3 hours ago, arson519 said:

i was watching him he was one of the first to get a gh5 he had like barely 1000 subscribers 

Yeah, and he just hit 100k.  His success is well deserved I think, his videos speak for themselves.  

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