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How to get GREAT AUDIO in your videos


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That's great, thanks!

One thing I would note though, about that Tascam recorder is that there's no Phantom power, which can be limiting, depending on what kind of mics you're wanting to use. A great alternative is the Saramonic VRM1.

It's perfect for those short films with no crew, as since most shotguns need power (although some do have their own batteries) you can stick an NTG on it, power the mic through the recorder and bam, essentially you have wireless boom. 


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1 hour ago, zerocool22 said:

Great job! How about getting the best cheap audio quality for run and gun situations? For instance making shortfilms with almost no crew.

The key point I felt @ONimbus' had was to take the mic off your camera, so you can get it in closer! The rest of it is just mere details after that point, relatively speaking. 

Which you can't do if shooting solo. (well.... you can run lavs on everyone, but that has their own unique hassles, plus the costs of each wireless channel)

Although sometimes, with care, you can boom shots in a film even if shooting solo! :-o

I did this little short film with a friend:



The whole thing was done over one Saturday night at his house. He directed, and played *BOTH* actors, while I did camera/lighting/sound all at once! A C-Stand helped a lot to boom in the mic closer while I focused on the camera. 

Oh, and I did this shoot while drinking and getting drunk for a saturday night out in town! ? Was just a casual fun get together with a friend, and we made a film in a few hours by ourselves.

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