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Canon M5 II or G7X III that shoot 4K

Dave Maze

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Canon rumors released some specs on the new G7X III and M5 II. I'm most excited to see what they do with the M5. The M5 is supposed to be a higher end camera from the M50...but the M50 is so so good IMO. If they have 4k with DPAF and no crop...now we're talking. That new sensor paired with the Digic 8 might allow that to happen. My thoughts are maybe at VidCon Canon will release the G7X Mark III. It's the perfect "vlogger" camera and would be a nice splash in the market coming off the trails of the Sony RX100 6.

We are going to VidCon next week so I will let you know if anything happens there. 


Here are the specs from Canon Rumors:

EC804 – Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

4.2x Zoom

1″ sensor


4k Video (no DPAF)


This camera features a new Canon 1″ sensor

EC811 Canon EOS M5 Mark II

28.3MP APS-C mirorless camera

4K@30fps video and DPAF.

This camera features a new Canon APS-C sensor


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I picked up a M50 and EOS - EFM adapter today ... put my EOS 40 lens on ... charging batteries ... if DPAF shows in the new M5 Mk II I

will upgrade in a NY minute.

Using this as a B-cam to the 5DMk IV AC adapter and a Tethertools battery insert ordered.

Thanks for the VisionColor suggestion ... downloaded as I have the Impulz LUTS Ultima ....

3 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

So finally after 5 years, the market leader will catch up with the company that quit the camera market.

At least gives us options ...

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49 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:


Nothing hypothetical about the M50 as it exists ... and I am a bit in the dark ... the NX1 had DPAF?

Kudos to Canon in that they still are in the market.

That they do not cater to low end video is a loss ... but with time there seems to be a democratization of technology ... filtering

down to the rest of us.

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47 minutes ago, docmoore said:

Kudos to Canon in that they still are in the market.

The most stupid thing I've read on here ever.

47 minutes ago, docmoore said:

That they do not cater to low end video is a loss ...

They don't cater for mid or high end either when talking about consumer and prosumer market.

They don't cater for high-end pros very well, that is Alexa and RED territory.

In the stills market it is like this...

Low end = M10
Mid range = M50, GX9
High-end consumer = G9, NX1, A7 III
High-end prosumer = A7R III, 5D Mk IV, A7S II, GH5S
High-end pro = Alexa

So when you are referring to low-end, you really mean $300.

And here, Canon does cater... for 1080p.

Move up to $600 and you have the M50. That I like for c-mount S16mm shooting due to the crop factor, colour and peaking. It is not an all-round competitor to anything else and does not outright replace any other camera I use.

Moreover Canon has a gaping hole between $600 and $6000. More specifically, that involves the 5D IV haemorrhaging video users to Sony and Panasonic and no answer to the GH5 or a high-end mirrorless camera yet.

I've been saying "yet" for so long, I'm blue in the face. So don't defend them. Period.

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As for price point M50 does give a lot of value to customers, especially for vloggers. I doubt they need 4k in the next couple of years.


The specs of these new Canons are ok and not mindblowing. The low light and high frame rates are always the issues of their cameras


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